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Overcoming Dyslexia

Ways to Organise Your Job Search

A lot of jobseeking advice suggests that you need to remain organised udring your job search – which you do. But if this doesn’t come… Read More


Accepting a Job – Which Offer Should I go For?

So you’ve been offered more than one job. Firstly – congratulations. You are clearly a well-sought after candidate with a good set of skills. So… Read More


How to Improve Things With Difficult Colleagues

Workplaces are often a mixed bag of people, and while you may have a clear company culture and shared values, you’re not all going to… Read More


Seven Surprising Interview Tips To Help You Clinch Your Dream Job by Staff Bay

Your dream job is within your grasp. You have swotted up on the company – you can name its Chief Executive Officers all the way… Read More


How to Answer ‘What’s Your Biggest Weakness?’

‘What is your biggest weakness?’ is a classic interview question, and one of the most commonly used. It just so happens that it’s also quite… Read More

Businesswoman writing with pen

Tips for Proofreading Your CV

The average recruiter allows one spelling or grammar mistake on a candidate’s CV before it gets thrown in the bin. That isn’t much leeway, and… Read More

Teacher and student on a lesson.

Five Ways to Take Up Volunteering

Support a local cause One way to take up volunteering is to take up a cause important to the local community. Whether it’s litter picking,… Read More

Friends hanging outside

How to Manage Close Friendships at Work

We all have one – our work BFF. The one who we share our lunch with. The one who leaves sticky note messages for us… Read More

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