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How to Make Sure Your CV and Cover Letter are in Harmony

The two most common aspects of a job application – your cover letter and CV – need to be treated as an entire application process… Read More


How to Deal With a Negative Boss or Manager

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people can tend to focus on the negatives rather than the positives. If your manager has a tendency… Read More

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How to Increase Your Value as an Employee

It’s down to you as well as others to monitor what stage you are at in your career. When we talk about value, it’s important… Read More


Five Ultimate CV Don’ts

CV writing can be a bit of a minefield, are there is a lot of advice out there surrounding what you should or shouldn’t do.… Read More


How to Inject Some Personality Into Your CV

While your CV needs to remain professional and a truthful representation of your skills, it also needs to not be a carbon copy of everyone… Read More

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Cover Letter Clichés to Avoid

There’s a lot of advice and warnings out there about avoiding clichés and over-used phrases on your CV, but less so around cover letters. It’s… Read More

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How to Impress During Your Trial/Probationary Period

Your probationary period can be a tense time, but it’s not something you should be anxious about. The employer has selected you for a reason,… Read More

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Preparing for Strength Based Interviews

What are they? A strength-based interview is similar to a competency based interview in the way that it aims to assess your workplace skills and… Read More

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