4 Unheralded Industries You Should Consider A Career In

Unheralded careers

When it comes to planning your career trajectory, it can be hard to know what the right next move is. If you’re after a secure and interesting job that provides you with new and interesting challenges each day, then it can be well worth taking a look at some of the UK’s most overlooked industries.

In this article, we take a look at four unheralded UK industries that could provide a long, fulfilling, and well-paid career for you.


In the digital age, there are few industries as crucial to the world economy than IT. Almost every business in the world, from the largest to the very smallest, requires staff or contractors to create and maintain their websites and computer systems.

Whether your skillset and personality are best suited to a tech support role for one of the world’s biggest corporations, a position as a developer at an up-and-coming tech startup, or a career as a freelance web designer, there’s plenty of jobs under the IT umbrella that not only pay well, but also offer a varied and exciting day-to-day.

What’s more, the growth of the IT sector shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. In order to bolster your career options for decades to come, take a look at the guidance on The Tech Partnership, which will point you towards the apprenticeships, degrees, and courses that can kick start your career in IT.


When considering your career options, it’s important to keep in mind that every business in the world requires the help of a qualified accountant at some point. Whether you choose to work in-house or freelance, you’re unlikely to find yourself out of work for any serious length of time after earning your qualifications.

Alongside plenty of job security, a fully-qualified accountant can also expect a very healthy salary throughout their career, with the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW)’s 2015 Salary Survey  revealing that the average basic annual salary for a chartered accountant is £90,200, while the average bonus comes in at £20,600.

If a career in accounting sounds right for you, you can get your foot on the ladder by earning your qualifications from a recognised body such as ICAEW or ACCA.

Logistics and materials handling

If you’re looking for a career that offers almost certain job security, then you should look no further than the logistics and materials handling sector. With so many other industries heavily relying on the businesses that provide these vital services, there’s never a shortage of work within the sector, meaning you’re unlikely to ever be out of the job for long. Furthermore, there’s never been a better time to start a career in logistics and materials handling, with the industry currently suffering from a sever skills shortage. This not only means it will be easier to find a job within the sector, but also that you’ll be able to demand a good salary throughout your career — especially if you have a degree.

John Davies is the Group Operations Manager at Impact Handling, a forklift truck distributor that runs an apprentice scheme. He says: “On the face of it, materials handling and logistics isn’t a particularly glamorous career. However, there’s almost no product that isn’t handled by a piece of materials handling equipment at some point, and that is set to continue long into the future. It will be well worth keeping this in mind when planning your next career move.”


The UK has long been a world leader in the pharmaceutical sector, with one in five of the world’s biggest-selling prescription drugs having been developed in Britain. Today, the UK is home to several of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, making it a great sector to start a career in if you want to be part of some of the country’s most innovative companies.

While the majority of roles within the pharmaceutical industry require a qualification in science or engineering, this thriving and relatively secure sector also offers a wealth of sales and marketing, IT, HR, and accountancy roles. No matter what your skillset, you should browse the jobs on pharmiweb.com if you’re interested in a career in this ever-changing industry.


So, there you have it — four industries you may not have considered that could lead to a long a fulfilling career. Whether you’re just leaving education or you’re planning a job change later in life, be sure to keep these sectors in mind.


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