Hacks To Boost Creativity In The Office

hacks to boost creativity in the office

Creativity is a prerequisite for a progressive, forward-thinking and expansive workplace. Yet the constant, cyclical nature of work can drain us of creativity over time and being greeted with the same stagnant surroundings everyday does little to alleviate these symptoms. Even so, creativity can flourish within the workplace with a few well-planned alterations to the layout of the office and some simple tweaks to the décor. So here are some top tips for decorating your office space in a way that will boost moral and ignite some creativity.

Urban planning

Adopting a methodical approach to the design of your office should be a priority. You wouldn’t design a city without proper planning, so why would you design an office any differently? It is admittedly on a far smaller scale but that doesn’t mean parallels can’t be drawn between the two. Both cater to a large group of people and have to prioritise their needs. With this approach in mind, it is imperative to map out the different sections of the office and their uses. A space where employees can work in complete silence without being disturbed (especially with the prevalence of open-plan offices) a more relaxed, informal area for meetings amongst teams and a full-blown boardroom to facilitate meetings with important clients are all important. It is about getting the balance right.

Breakout areas

Changes in environment throughout the day are crucial in thwarting inertia before it inevitably arises. It can be difficult to continue to attack each task with renewed vigour as the day progresses when you are stuck in the exact same situation. That is why it is so important to break up the work day with breakout spaces for employees. A change in environment can spark creativity, making brainstorming sessions in breakout rooms a winning combination. Sitting at computers in a row is relatively restrictive in comparison to the more collaborative atmosphere generated by, for example, plush seating arranged in a circular shape.

Games and green spaces

In the same vein as breakout rooms, installing spaces that help to break up the traditional structure of an office can act as catalysts for creativity. Green areas with access to natural light provide a welcome respite, and are likely to change the mind-set of your employees, giving them the freedom to be creative. Similarly, a table tennis table (or something of that ilk) can help to lighten the mood of your employees whilst giving them the means to exercise, a valuable commodity when employers across the globe are looking at new ways to get their employees to exercise more.


Music has a tangible effect on our mood, and for this reason, it can also be put to good use in the workplace. Whilst different genres are best suited to different areas of work according to this Telegraph article, dance music is apparently the most effective. The survey found that, when music was playing, 88% of people tested produced their most accurate results and 81% completed their fastest work. Your office could benefit from music being played, but it does, of course, depend on the preferences of your employees – some people simply can’t concentrate on the task at hand when music is playing in the background.


In the same way that the atmosphere of a restaurant suffers when only a few tables are occupied, an office can suffer in the same way. Instilling a vibrant, buzzing atmosphere into the workplace is bound to have a positive impact on teamwork and communication. Whilst it is certainly desirable, it is easier said than done to achieve such an atmosphere. One way of cultivating a buzz, is through sheer density of people in a space. There is a fine line between creating this density and overcrowding, but, if done correctly, it can create a more open and cooperative environment.


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