How to create a rooftop garden for your workspace

Rooftop Garden

Creating a rooftop garden for your workspace provides a sanctuary of life and light that offers a welcome respite from the workspace environment. The versatility of such a space is part of its appeal; easily fulfilling the role of lunching location or a space for creative thinking. Of course, you actually need a rooftop space to start with, and transforming it from a stale smoking area to rooftop refuge is no straightforward task. To ease this transition, we’ve included some simple steps you can take to create the rooftop garden you and your colleagues will love.

Artificial grass

Investing in artificial grass is somewhat of a necessity given the difficulty of maintaining a lawn on the rooftop of a building. A quality artificial grass roof terrace looks impressively like the real thing without burdening you with any of the maintenance issues. Given the unpredictable nature of the British weather, it’s imperative to have a surface that can deal with the rain.

Combining a grass surface with areas of wooden decking or tiles creates diversity and gives you a balance between a green space and functionality.


Depending on the kind of space you’re aiming to cultivate, the seating you choose to include on your rooftop garden will vary accordingly. If you’re aiming to recreate the lazy leisure of a local park, opt for benches and picnic tables. If a sleek, modern outdoor space is more your thing, you may want to consider purchasing some more unorthodox furniture.

Lucite acrylic fixtures make for a futuristic choice, and accompanying sharp furniture serves to create a sleek space. Whatever you go for, keep in mind that you’ll need to have some means of covering any fixtures that aren’t equipped to cope with the rain.


In a similar fashion to the seating, both the number and type of plants you choose will be dictated by what kind of outdoor space you want to create. A number of potted (and low maintenance) bonsai trees can help to define the walkways and perimeter of the garden for an organised and systematic space. Alternatively, you can put into place a series of flowerbeds and herbs for a more varied and natural feel.

Aside from helping create a welcoming and distinctive outdoor space, a rooftop garden also helps with insulation – they help keep heat in and cold out, giving you yet another reason to create a rooftop garden in your workplace.


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