Lia Snisarenko Launches Art Axcess Gallery in Los Angeles to Showcase Ukrainian Artists

West Hollywood, Los Angeles(Hexa PR Wire–December 2, 2023)Lia Snisarenko, a Ukrainian-born art entrepreneur, has announced the inauguration of Art Axcess Gallery in West Hollywood. The gallery is dedicated to elevating Ukrainian contemporary artists on the international stage, reflecting Snisarenko‘s mission to bridge cultural gaps and promote artistic recognition.

Art Axcess Gallery’s Mission and Focus

Art Axcess, which opened its doors in 2023, aims to create a space for cultural exchange and artistic recognition, specifically focusing on Ukrainian creatives. The gallery showcases a diverse range of emerging and mid-career Ukrainian artists, offering an insight into the rich tapestry of contemporary Ukrainian art. Snisarenko’s personal connection to her homeland and her experience in the art market underpin her commitment to providing Ukrainian artists a platform for global recognition.

Lia Snisarenko. Photo credit: Mara Friedman, with permission.
Lia Snisarenko. Photo credit: Mara Friedman, with permission.

Lia Snisarenko’s Background and Vision

With a rich educational background and extensive experience in the art market, Lia Snisarenko brings a unique perspective to the Los Angeles art scene. Her approach to curating the gallery is deeply personal and story-driven, aiming to highlight the artistic journey and evolution of each featured Ukrainian artist.

Art Critic’s Commentary

A prominent art critic commented on Lia Snisarenko’s journey and her philanthropic essence, praising her dedication to Ukrainian heritage and her efforts in bringing Ukrainian contemporary art to the global stage. This sentiment underscores the gallery’s aim to foster cultural dialogue and provide underrepresented artists the recognition they deserve.

Lia Snisarenko’s Reflection

Reflecting on the gallery’s mission, Lia Snisarenko emphasized that Art Axcess is more than just a gallery. It is envisioned as a conduit for cultural understanding and a platform for the voices of Ukrainian art. The goal is to foster genuine cultural dialogue and provide talented artists with deserved recognition.


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