10 ways in which your HR team could be improved

Every business requires a Human Resource team to ensure all employees are managed and trained correctly. Unfortunately, many businesses do not take full advantage of the HR department and still rely on the tried and tested methods that worked previously. Here is a list of 10 ways in which your HR team could be improved:

1. Allow everyone in the company to work together

One of the biggest benefits of having an integrated HR department is that it allows for communication and better relationships between employees who would usually work in different departments. If communication is left to managers and workers, there will be a lack of clarity as people do not always know what others do or how their day-to-day tasks affect those around them.

2. Allow People to be responsible for their own work

This is similar to allowing everyone in the company to work together, which allows people to see how their individual tasks influence other workers. If employees are allowed to take responsibility for their own tasks and duties, they will feel more valued as they can feel like they are making a difference.

3. Make a clear company policy about dealing with complaints from customers/colleagues

It is hard to speak up if you have been mistreated or have had a bad customer experience, but it is important that the problem is dealt with immediately so that it does not happen again. With a clear company policy on how to deal with these complaints, employees will know exactly what to do and how you want them to deal with the situation.

4. Increase communication between managers and employees

In many companies, there is a huge gap in communication from top to bottom, meaning that employees never get a chance to voice their concerns or opinions which could be vital for improving your company. Meetings that are held regularly can help to address any issues before they become too much of a problem.

5. Give employees on-the-job training for specific tasks

Sometimes, an employee will have the skills required but they may not know how to execute them, or simply might not have ever used some of these skills before. By giving employees training on the specific tasks they need to carry out, this ensures everything runs smoothly and there is no room for error.

6. Ensure that your managers are not too lenient or too strict with their staff

It can be difficult to manage a team of people who all have different personalities and work ethics, but it is important that managers do not favour one worker over another. It is also important not to be too strict with employees as this could result in them leaving the company and will cause a lack of cohesion within your team.

7. Employ part-time workers to cover for sick employees

If someone calls in sick, it may be inconvenient but you should, if possible, try to cover for them. If you are unable to cover their shift, it is worth looking into employing part-time workers who can come in and take over their duties during this time.

8. Offer flexible working hours

It is important that your employees are not overworked because they have taken on too many additional responsibilities or they have too many meetings to attend outside their typical working time. Offering flexible working hours will allow your employees more freedom when they do their tasks so that they are not overwhelmed.

9. Keep an open mind about new business ideas

Sometimes, employees have good ideas for improving the company or simply things that can save money and this is why it is important to remain open-minded about new business ideas. It might be a risk to implement these ideas but it can also benefit your company as a whole.

10. Use an effective HR system

In 2021 the majority of successful businesses use some form of HR system, whether an in-house bespoke solution, or a mainstream platform. Using such a system can save HR teams an incredible amount of time which would have otherwise been spent on manual repeat tasks, which can often be prone to error. HR software can help to ensure your HR team is focused on the important tasks.

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