Eterneva Aims to Change the Deathcare Industry With Innovative Tech, Heartwarming Process

According to the CDC statistics at the time of this writing, the global COVID-19 death toll has exceeded 4.09 million.  As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded before us, it has forced us to consider the temporary nature of life and the reality of the current funeral industry. With funeral expenses averaging more than $8,000, it isn’t surprising to hear that there is a demand for change within the industry itself.

Eterneva was founded by Adelle Archer and Garrett Ozar to create a more meaningful way to mourn and bid farewell to a loved one. A revolutionary approach to the deathcare industry, let’s take a closer look at the innovative processes being undertaken by Eterneva.

Eterneva: Born out of Tragedy

As with all generational shifts, something has changed within the cultural zeitgeist. For millennials, death and life are looked at in an almost entirely different way. We can track this through the burial statistics as they’ve changed over the years. Once upon a time, traditional burials made up the vast majority of all deathcare services. Between cremations and innovative services like Eterneva, traditional burials might become a thing of the past.

Eterneva was founded by Adelle Archer alongside her co-founder almost by accident. Adelle and her partner had been considering investing in the synthetic diamond space when they learned of tragic news: Adele had lost a longtime friend and mentor to pancreatic cancer.

It takes experiencing loss to understand the inadequacies of conventional memorials. For people like Adelle, the goal was to honor their loved one without ever truly forgetting them. Already on the track toward synthetic diamond production, Adelle and her partner would stumble upon a new idea.

How Eterneva is CHANGING Deathcare Forever

Upon hearing of her friend’s passing, Adelle came to realize that she didn’t love the traditional options for memorializing a lost loved one. She felt that an urn and a gravestone did not properly represent her mentor. Instead, Archer and Ozar decided that they would create a black diamond to help memorialize her with a twist — her mentor’s ashes were used to produce the black diamond. We understand that diamonds are formed in the earth’s crust due to intense heat and the application of pressure. Rare, valuable, and incredibly durable, there is a reason that diamonds are forever.

Taking deathcare to a new level, Eterneva would introduce synthetic lab-grown diamonds through its state-of-the-art controlled laboratories. Let’s take a closer look at how this process plays out so that you can understand the science of Eterneva better.

Purification of Carbon

Eterneva’s revolutionary process begins with the acquisition of your loved one’s carbon. This process is undertaken through the delivery and corresponding return of a Welcome Kit. This kit contains instructions, postage, and all of the tools required to safely and respectfully handle your loved one’s ashes.

Once submitted to Eterneva, the carbon purification process will take between 1.5 and 2 months. Carbon is separated from all of the other elements found within the ashes. Once this process is done, a starter material is crafted for the eventual memory diamond.

Diamond Growth

After the carbon purification stage, Eterneva supplies its clients with access to a video that shows the transformation process. This is followed by the integral diamond growth process, involving specialized facilities in Austin, TX, and Germany. These facilities utilize advanced machines to replicate the actual growing conditions below the earth.

Across two to three months, you will watch as your loved one’s carbon is crystallized into a raw diamond.

Diamond Assessment

Once the diamond is completely grown, it will be transferred to the hands of an expert for a quality assessment. The diamond is scanned like an X-Ray to identify potential issues as well as to ensure the size and shape of the product.  Quality trumps speed at Eterneva and Adelle assures clients that perfection is the goal.

Diamond Cutting

Upon completing a diamond assessment, a master cutter will meticulously cut your diamond to specs. The cutters at Eterneva enjoy more than 45 years of experience in the industry, assuring a fantastic final product when the process comes to a close.

Finishing Touches

After your diamond has been completely cut, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your memorial diamond with certain finishing touches. Consider adding diamond coloration, a special engraving, or even a piece of custom jewelry set to truly honor your loved one.

Learn More With Eterneva

Eterneva promises to listen, understand, and craft a memorial diamond that matches your loved one’s legacy. Adelle Archer and the team at Eterneva have already reached a partnership with 17 funeral homes throughout the nation to offer access to memorial diamonds for grieving loved ones.

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