Kickstart Your Career With These Transferable Skills!

Kickstart Your Career With These Transferable Skills!

Even if you’re still in college, we’re sure you’re already thinking about where you want to work. After all, that’s why you chose your course of study, right? But when it comes to working, it’s more than just finishing a relevant course, certification, or degree. To ensure you enjoy a profitable and fulfilling career, you need to have transferable skills. 

What exactly are transferable skills, and how will they help you with your career? Read on to find out.

What are transferable skills?

Transferable skills are skills that you can use in every job. You might be using them already in your college group projects. In fact, these are things you have been using since you have started interacting with people. Some transferable skills are “hard skills,” while some are “soft.”

Transferable skills are tools you take with you in your career and any professional setting. You gain these tools from experiences both related and unrelated to your profession. It could be from volunteering, school, freelancing, internships, and more. 

How do transferable skills help your career?

Say, for example, your course of study is marketing. The usual career path is that you find a marketing job, right? But let’s say that later you realize you want to pursue a career in advertising. Even if your previous job experience is different, you’ve developed skills that you can use in your new career. And those skills will likely transfer to an entirely new career choice should you change your mind again.

Transferable skills are desirable to employers. Why? Because if you have the skills they’re looking for, they won’t need to provide additional training. That saves them time and money. And they know you can start making significant contributions to their companies right away.

What are examples of transferable skills that employers will value?

As mentioned above, there are different kinds of transferable skills. And depending on where you work, employers will be looking for varying abilities. But they are all important!

Here are some of the skills you should highlight in an ATS-friendly resume format:


When we say problem-solving, we don’t mean just solving math problems. We mean problems that can pop up in any company. It’s one thing to be able to spot issues. It’s another to be able to contribute solutions to solve them. Employers will appreciate and absolutely take note of this skill!


Whether there’s a crisis or a product launch, there must always be a leader. Leadership isn’t just about being able to supervise or manage a team. It’s also about being able to get your team to follow through with company goals. Your employer would be more than happy to hear that you are capable of stepping up and taking charge. 


Not everything in life is fixed or has a schedule. Even in college projects, you have to adjust and adapt to situations. Same with work. You might have to move deadlines or change your workflow. You might even be told to learn something new, even if it’s not your forte. And in the case of COVID-19, a lot of companies had to pivot and adapt quickly. But if you have adaptability, you can adjust to any change and get your work done without panicking. That’s a valuable skill.

Teamwork and communication

In life, you’ll learn to work with other people to achieve a common goal. Not only that, you’ll have to learn how to communicate well. After all, if you cannot communicate with your team, neither you nor your group will experience success. That’s why these two go hand in hand. To be a true team player, you have to support the unit, not just show up. You must recognize that all members are valuable and bring strengths to the table.

Make sure to take the time and develop your transferable skills.

Now that you know what skills are considered transferable, focus on developing them. Employers in all fields are constantly looking for people who have strong skills in these areas. So no matter where you land, it’s important to have transferable skills that can apply to any position. They are sure to serve you well no matter where your career choices take you. 

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