Roedean School’s Senior Team Welcome New Staff and Students

As Roedean School approaches the next academic year, Headteacher Niamh Green and the rest of the senior team are recruiting more professionals who dedicate themselves to ensuring excellence in education. These professionals will play key roles in Roedean’s exciting developments. 

Roedean School is currently interviewing candidates for eight positions.

1. Sailing Lead

Roedean is looking to launch a Sailing School programme with a focus on dinghy sailing in the first year. The successful applicant will have experience and knowledge of dinghy sailing and racing. They will also have experience working with children or young adults.

2. Visiting Oboe Teacher

Roedean is looking for a professional musician who can teach Oboe from beginner to diploma level. The successful applicant will have relevant performing and teaching qualifications. They will teach individual lessons and participate in the music department’s wider efforts. 

3. Fencing Coach

Roedean is hiring a professional fencing teacher. The successful applicant will have relevant teaching experience, both in fencing and working with young people.

4. Minibus Driver

Roedean is recruiting a minibus driver who has a clean driving licence with D1 classification.

5. Grounds Maintenance Operative

Roedean is looking for a grounds maintenance operative who can maintain the School grounds to a high standard. The role will involve grass-cutting using a tractor or self-propelled mower. The successful candidate will also undertake general landscape maintenance duties.

6. Kitchen Porter

Roedean is hiring a kitchen porter who can work alongside the School’s chefs and cooks to keep the kitchen clean, tidy, safe, and hygienic in line with the cleaning rota.

7. PA to Senior Team (Maternity Cover)

Roedean is looking for a PA who has experience at senior management level for maternity cover.

8. Marketing and Admissions Assistant

Roedean is recruiting a marketing and admissions assistant who can uphold and promote the School’s ethos and values. The successful candidate will support the Admissions and Marketing functions by taking on a range of day-to-day activities and administrative duties.

Roedean School’s Governance and Staff 

The new staff will receive guidance from Roedean’s senior team, which leads the School’s efforts across all curricular departments, pastoral provisions, and beyond. The senior team is also welcoming new members, including new Head Niamh Green, given that longstanding senior members of staff Oliver Blond and Talia Keller have stepped down.

Headteacher Niamh Green

Roedean’s new Head Niamh Green has spent 20 years working in prestigious girls’ boarding schools. She oversees educational provisions that shape girls into resilient, independent young women who can flourish in whatever career paths they pursue. Her mission involves cultivating a safe space for girls as they undergo essential years of development.

Former Headteacher Oliver Blond

Niamh Green has taken the helm of Roedean from Oliver Blond, who led the School as headmaster for 10 years. Oliver Blond made many contributions to Roedean over his tenure. These contributions include:

  • Nearly doubling student numbers between 2013 and 2023.
  • Overseeing Roedean when the School achieved some of its best-ever GCSE and A Level results.
  • Leading major investments into Roedean’s boarding houses, which Tatler has described as “the swankiest in the world.”

Former Head of School Talia Keller

As Head of School and Designated Safeguarding Lead, Talia Keller:

  • Managed staff and student welfare.
  • Supported and mentored deputy heads.
  • Led staff recruitment and retention, compliance, and inspections. 
  • Oversaw Roedean’s organisation and operations.
  • Managed Roedean’s calendar, events, and communications. 

How To Apply for Places at Roedean School 

While Roedean is recruiting new staff members, prospective UK and international students can also apply to join the School. 

Families can apply on Roedean’s website or through an educational agent. Either way, families can set up an account and submit an application through Roedean’s online admissions portal.

In this portal, families can upload supporting documentation to their applications. This documentation may include a passport, school report, or evidence of English level for students whose first language is not English.

When logged into the portal, families can also:

  • Order a prospectus.
  • Book a tour, open day, or experience day.
  • Track their daughter’s application.
  • Apply for a bursary or scholarship (where applicable).
  • Communicate with Roedean.

Rockpools Day 2023

In June, Roedean School hosted its annual “Rockpools Day” for girls who are interested in joining Years 7 or 9 in 2024. Rockpools Day took place on the beach below the School, where girls enjoyed exploring Roedean’s secret tunnel to the sea, catching creatures in the rockpools, and partaking in team-building activities.

Roedean School’s GCSE Results and Successful Alumni

Roedean’s latest GCSE results are representative of the outstanding academic guidance students receive. While 71% of grades achieved in 2022 were grades 9-8 (equivalent to A**-A*), 47% were grade 9s (equivalent to A**).

After achieving fantastic results like these, many alumni go on to lead successful careers in a range of fields. Examples of highly successful Old Roedeanians include:

  • Actress Honeysuckle Weeks, who is perhaps best known for playing Samantha Stewart (later Wainwright) in Foyle’s War, the ITV wartime drama series.
  • Actress Perdita Weeks, Honeysuckle’s sister, who plays Juliet Higgins in Magnum P.I., a CBS/NBC crime drama series.
  • Theatre Producer Caro Newling OBE, who is the vice-president of the Society of London Theatre. She also co-established the Donmar Warehouse and co-produced over 70 productions at this not-for-profit theatre in Covent Garden, London. 
  • Actress Marisa Abela, who will play the leading role in Back to Black, a film about Amy Winehouse’s life. The film is set for release in 2024.
  • Cosmetic Doctor Dr. Naomi Falcone, who gave an inspiring talk at Roedean’s 2023 International Women’s Day Festival. This talk explored her unconventional route into medicine, and she explained how girls can make their future careers work for them.
  • Art Director Kelly Chan, who also gave a thought-provoking presentation at the International Women’s Day event. She talked girls through her journey from Roedean School to becoming a fashion photographer in Paris.
  • Novelist Tessa Dahl, daughter of Roald Dahl, whose books include Working for Love, The Same But Different, and School Can Wait.
  • World champion freediver Tanya Streeter, who held the “no limits” freediving record with a depth of 525 feet for over two months. This is still the women’s world record for “No Limits Apnea,” an international discipline of competitive freediving.
  • Liberal Democrat politician Layla Moran, who serves as the Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and International Development. She has also served as the Member of Parliament for Oxford West and Abingdon since 2017.

Learn more about the staff and students at Roedean School.

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