Things to Consider Before Moving to a New Home

No matter if you are buying or moving to an apartment or a new home, there are many important steps you need to take before the big move. Be sure to update any core services like electricity, gas and water in order to prepare properly for a smooth experience.

Starting your packing well ahead of the move and labeling boxes correctly will make unpacking much smoother in your new home.


Start clearing away clutter several weeks prior to moving day; that way you’ll have less to pack and unpack. Now is also an excellent opportunity for hosting a garage sale or giving things to charity.

Once it comes time to pack, organize items by room. Making an inventory will help ensure a more straightforward unpacking experience at your new residence.

Group breakable items together when packing them to minimize the chance of them breaking during transit, using bubble wrap and newspaper as additional layers of protection; you should also be prepared with enough dish towels and blankets on hand to protect surfaces when wrapping fragile items. Finally, if hiring professionals (movers or painters), book them as early as possible; waiting too long could result in higher fees or not being able to find someone at all!


Even if the former owners claim they had cleaned, it’s always prudent to give your new home a thorough deep clean yourself or hire professional cleaners to make sure everything is hygienic before moving in. This may involve wiping down surfaces, disinfecting kitchens and bathrooms as well as other areas which could harbor germs – you could choose either option!

Kitchens are especially important, given all of their high-touch surfaces which may harbor germs. Start by disinfecting with hot water mixed with vinegar or bleach, before cleaning and disinfecting all countertops, cabinets, stove tops and sinks.

Be sure to wipe down windows and sills, too – it may surprise you just how much dust accumulates there! For optimal results, it is best to do this when the sun is out and use a microfiber cloth in order to avoid streaking. Finally, don’t forget baseboards; be prepared to spend some time on hands and knees doing this tedious task!


Decorating can be one of the most exciting parts of moving into a new home, offering you the chance to turn it into an exquisite space inspired by design magazines, Pinterest boards or Instagram accounts. Every individual has their own style but here are a few tried-and-true decorating tips to get you started.

At first, it’s essential to set a budget and prioritize according to need. Your bedroom should be the first room decorated since this will serve as your sanctuary space; also consider decorating areas most used such as kitchens and powder rooms first.

Make use of what’s already in your home to save money when decorating with items you already own, like an old hand-me-down dresser with some fresh paint to transform it into the ideal piece for your new house. Or add texture by layering up soft pillows and fabrics.


Before moving into your new home, you’ll require certain items to make the transition smoother – including cleaning supplies and tools to maintain its upkeep.

Furnishing your new home can be an enjoyable part of the move-in process, from choosing new bed linens or rugs to personal touches that help it feel like yours.

Assuming you’ve found your ideal builder based on budget, preferences for community, home style and location preferences; visiting builder model homes will give a better sense of the environment you will be purchasing into. Make sure to change all bank, credit card and subscription accounts, while at this time exploring local restaurants, parks and attractions in your new neighborhood; the sooner you settle in the happier you will be!

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