A Comprehensive Guide On Becoming A Certified Nurse Coach

There are more than 3.8 million nurses in the United States, with nursing being the nation’s largest healthcare profession. This number is estimated to grow by 2026, with the government projecting to add more than 200,000 registered nurses.

Nurses are the primary providers of hospital health care, and we cannot overstate it enough. However, as a nurse, life can be quite overwhelming. Dealing with long shifts and feeling overworked and frustrated is the way of life. There are many connectionless moments with patients where you are left wondering if they recovered or got worse. You only get to spend a few moments with them, which is not enough.

Here is where nurse coaching comes in. Nurse coaching is the way to go if you are frustrated, overwhelmed, or want to connect more with your patients and help promote wellness effectively. However, you may wonder hope to go about it. How do I get started? Will I benefit from it? What qualifications are needed? To answer this and more questions, read below;

What Is Nurse Coaching?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, nurse coaching is a skilled, purposeful, and structured relationship-oriented interaction with clients by registered nurses. Its main goal is to promote the achievement of the client’s goals, establishing a partnership with the client whereby their priorities are put first to achieve the goals intended.

A nurse coach is a registered nurse who focuses on a holistic approach to promoting the wellness of their patients. Nurse coaching has grown in popularity, with more nurses getting on it. It is an accredited certification that helps you live a better life and ensure your clients get better care.

How To Become A Nurse Coach

Below are the requirements needed to become a nurse coach.


You need to have an active RN license. The specialty and area of practice do not matter as long as you’re a registered nurse.


The American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation( AHNCC) has two certification credentials, namely the Holistic Nurse Board Certified and Nurse Coach Board Certified.

To achieve this, you need to complete the Transformative Nurse Coach Certification Program.

Why Do I Need To Get Certified?

To work as a nurse coach, you need to be certified by the AHNCC. Below are some of the benefits;

It assures the public that the required standards are met.

It validates your expertise.

It supports your career advancement.

It facilitates your personal and professional growth.

It enhances credibility with stakeholders.

It receives institutional recognition.

The Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program

The Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program by the Nurse Coach Collective is highly recommended. It will give you the skills and insights required to treat your patients better with compassion and honesty. They provide a holistic approach and will ensure that you become a board-certified Nurse coach in seven months.

The program has live support calls, a community of innovative nurses, and a dedicated instructor that will help you in your journey.

The best thing about the online course is that you can do it in the comfort of your home without distractions. They have training videos and downloadable resources that you can take advantage of.

The course is outlined as follows:

Introduction to Nurse Coaching

Professional Nurse Coach Role and Pillars

The Nurse Coaching process

Self-Development and Co-Creating Change

Goals, Actions, Accountability

Preparing For Your Practicum

Nurse Coaching Supervised Practicum

Once done, you will become a holistic nurse and nurse coach.

When Can I Start?

The good news is that the process is seamless. The Nurse Collective has various start dates on the website. The training is pretty popular and always sells out, hence do not waste time!

You can schedule a free call and talk to a Nurse Coach to help you on this journey. They will advise you on which dates are available and when to start.

The Nurse Coaching course costs $4999 when paid in full or $5249 if paid in installments. This will give you all the benefits mentioned above to help you become a globally recognized Nurse Coach.

Where Will I Work When I Become A Nurse Coach?

Once you have become a certified nurse coach, you can still work in your current organization or apply for a new role elsewhere. Many organizations have seen the benefits of nurse coaching and are looking to hire many professionals.

You can also decide to become an entrepreneur and help clients accomplish their goals in your own way. You can also educate people on your website or blogs are change lives, one post at a time.


The best time to become a Nurse coach is now! The more time you spend waiting, the longer it will take you to move forward. Nurse coaching is the best investment you can make for yourself and your clients. You will become a better person and offer a more holistic approach to wellness that will transform lives. You will not regret it! Join us at The Nurse Coach Collective!

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