Alejandro Betancourt, Early Investor of JobandTalent, Discusses Company’s Success in 2021

Today’s economy is seeing huge changes all over the world. Alejandro Betancourt, an investor known for his foresight, talks about the success of JobandTalent, a company that’s poised to fulfill the needs of millions for temporary positions. 

Gig Workers Today 

Alejandro Betancourt has seen how companies like Uber have challenged the landscape of the workforce. Instead of making gig work the privilege of the few, it opened up new opportunities for everyone to work on their terms. Making their own hours, drivers were able to provide for themselves and their families with honest, steady work. 

This was why Betancourt helped guide the staff at JobandTalent to eventually invest their talents in an all-inclusive digital platform. This startup helps employers fill temporary labor positions and helps employees find meaningful work for as long as they need it. 

How JobandTalent Raised More than $290 Million to Date 

In the company’s recent Series C round, JobandTalent added $108 million to its funding. Thanks to early investors like Alejandro Betancourt, the company was able to go through several strategies before landing on its final product. 

This workforce-as-a-service platform is making it possible for employers to find professionals who are qualified for any number of positions. So far, the Madrid-based company is in Spain, the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Colombia, and Mexico. The founders are planning to use their latest round of funding to expand to more countries in Latin America as well as the United States as well. 

With annual revenue growing to more than $568 million and the number of employees doubling every year, JobandTalent has hit the sweet spot when it comes to satisfying both workers and employee needs. 

A Startup to Watch 

JobandTalent was listed as a startup to watch in 2021. This is partially because it’s attracting employers like Huawei and eBay but also because the platform is treating employees with the respect they deserve. From searching to contracts, the idea is to give employees the benefits they need to thrive.

Major companies like Uber have faced serious backlash for calling workers ‘self-employed’ while tightly monitoring actions and penalizing them for minor mistakes. We’re unlikely to see any of the same commentary in the case of JobandTalent. Alejandro Betancourt believes that this startup is striking the perfect balance by pushing for worker rights.

Why Now 

Part of JobandTalent’s success is due to the pandemic.  Temporary work has ballooned around the globe and technology is fighting to keep up with the demand. JobandTalent’s platform isn’t a job posting site. It’s a way for workers to apply, sign the contract, and get paid for their work.

By putting everything onto a single, easy-to-use platform, Alejandro Betancourt says the company is opening the doors for millions of workers around the world. As regulations change and populations grow, the founders of JobandTalent’s see themselves at the very beginning of an incredibly lucrative journey. 

The Talents of Alejandro Betancourt 

Betancourt is known for getting involved with ventures and concepts early on and then taking the wheel when needed. When he first started with fashion company Hawkers, he pushed for social media on Instagram as a cost-effective way of marketing its sunglasses — long before other companies were doing the same. When ride-sharing services came on the scene, he immediately weighed the risks of replicating the same success in Spain. He started Auro Travel as a result and now has a huge opportunity to launch as soon as the dust from the pandemic settles. 

We see this same pattern with JobandTalent. After being impressed with the vision of its founders, Betancourt helped them navigate to a service that meets multiple needs at once. This is a technology powered by data. It gives everyone the opportunity to understand how performance and pay are measured and which investments make sense on either side of the hiring equation. At all times, JobandTalent prioritizes people first. 

Streamlining Hiring As We Know It 

Temporary labor, sometimes known as casual labor, can be a steppingstone to a better career. Or it can fill a gap between permanent jobs, providing a person with the time to figure out what they want to do. It can even be a part-time job taken for fun after a person retires. Alejandro Betancourt believes that no matter how people come to JobandTalent, they can discover opportunities that ultimately lead to an enriched life. 

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