Online Trading Academy Makes Its Supply and Demand Grid More Accessible Than Ever Before

Online Trading Academy has offered its proprietary methodology, “Core Strategy,” through the Supply and Demand Grid for some time, and the company has now expanded the product.

How Does Online Trading Academy’s Supply and Demand Grid Work?

Looking at both short-term trading and long-term investing, for a wide range of assets, the Grid identifies potential changes in the market. These are called “Supply and Demand Zones” and are where price changes are most likely to occur due to the influence of banks and other institutions. This information presents many exciting trading opportunities for those who are well prepared and adept at risk management.

Online Trading Academy has been utilizing the Grid for its Mastermind Community students, offering information across 35 markets in up to 210 zones per day. In addition to this valuable service, the Grid is a foundational service in all classes and instructor-led services offered through Online Trading Academy.

How Has the Grid Been Expanded?

Online Trading Academy has made the Grid more accessible by offering it on CliK, an award-winning platform that Online Trading Academy created to integrate education and analysis while remaining on a trading platform. Now that the dynamic Grid is a part of CliK, students can select zones and view the associated price-action charts plotted.

Online Trading Academy: When Should I Sell My Stocks?

Online Trading Company has also expanded the Grid itself. Now, instead of offering 35, there are 51 different markets offered, with the inclusion of futures, ETF, and foreign exchange markets. Additionally, Online Trading Academy is offering more zones published each day, raising the number from 210 to up to 306 zones.

What Was Added to the Futures Market?

Mastermind students wanted it, and the latest version of the Grid now offers platinum, the British Pound, and wheat, three highly popular markets. In addition, as a sign of the times, six micro futures markets were added that include assets that are already in the Grid:

  • Nasdaq.
  • Gold.
  • Dow.
  • Euro.
  • Russell.
  • S&P 500.

These micro futures make it easier for more traders to use the futures markets, easing the barrier to entry. With these additions, the Grid now covers 27 futures markets.

What Was Added to the Exchange Traded Funds Market?

The ETF is one of the most frequently used markets by students in Online Trading Academy’s Strategic Investor Program. The Grid dropped 2 markets that were no longer as relevant to portfolios – natural gas and oil – and added on 5 new markets, increasing its total number of markets to 13. New markets include:

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average equity index.
  • Real estate investment trust.
  • Communications sector.
  • Consumer discretionary sector.
  • Technology sector.

What Was Added to the Foreign Exchange Markets?

The addition of four popular markets on the foreign exchange will please Mastermind students who asked for it while adding European diversification. The total number of foreign exchange markets offered by the Grid is now 10, now including:

  • Australian Dollar – Japanese Yen.
  • Australian Dollar – Canadian Dollar.
  • British Pound – New Zealand Dollar.
  • United States Dollar – Swiss Franc.

Director of Grid Services, Todd Davis, calls the Grid Online Trading Academy’s “flagship product central to [its] methodology, education, and technology.” The Grid is poised to expand even further in its mission to “align with the direction of the industry, [the] students’ desires, and [the company’s] portfolio tracking.”

Other Online Trading Academy News

Despite a tumultuous year, Online Trading Academy has continued its commitment to its students. In addition to meeting the needs of even more students this past fall, Online Trading Academy was proud to surpass 200,000 satisfaction reviews from students. Additionally, Online Trading Academy was awarded two bronze Stevie Awards in 2020, one for Achievement in Product Innovation and another for Technical Innovation of the Year. Additional awards in the fall include winning the Best Forex Educator Global Award and receiving recognition as one of the most Innovative E-learning Solution Providers of 2020 from Insights Success online magazine.

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