Working With Dogs in a Dog Training Career

Dog training is an in-demand industry with multiple career possibilities available to those interested in this profession. Working for pet stores, kennels or obedience schools or even starting your own training business are just some of these avenues of employment available to dog trainers.

Start off by finding an experienced mentor or trainer to guide you. Additionally, volunteering at local shelters and rescue groups will give you access to different breeds and personalities of dogs.

1. You get to work with dogs

Working in the world of dog training can be an incredible journey. Watching dogs learn new tricks and commands is exhilarating; but what’s even more satisfying is seeing their bond develop between owner and pup grow!

Dog-sitting poses its own set of unique challenges. You may need to deal with unruly pups or pet parents who make things hard on you.

2. You get to help people

Dog trainers work closely with clients and their animals to teach them the art of training their canines. This can prevent unwanted behaviors from developing while strengthening relationships between a pup and its owner.

Career in counseling or psychotherapy are an ideal opportunity for those looking to make a difference in other people’s lives, though it should be noted that this work involves clients and requires strong communication skills.

3. You get to work in a low-stress industry

Many dog trainers work out of specialized facilities equipped with indoor and outdoor training areas, equipment, and resources for conducting group classes and behavior modification sessions. They may even conduct behavior modification sessions here.

Dog trainers work directly with pet owners in their own homes to address behavioral issues and assist their dogs in developing obedience skills. They may also teach service dogs specific tasks.

4. You get to niche down

Dog training can be an ideal career option for individuals looking to make a positive difference in their lives, with it offering both great benefits and plenty of flexibility.

Many dog trainers opt to specialize in specific forms of training in order to attract clients whose personalities align well with their skillset and personality. This may help attract clients that fit more closely with them than before.

5. You get to work with a variety of dogs

Dog training can be an exciting career choice for people interested in working with different types of canines. By training dogs for specific tasks such as following scent trails or herding livestock, they can learn valuable life lessons while helping their owners develop valuable new skills.

Specializing is another good way to prevent yourself from getting bored with your job.

6. You get to work with people

Working with people is one of the many advantages of being a dog trainer. While some pet owners may be difficult, most are kind and considerate towards their trainers.

Additionally, dog trainers typically enjoy an ideal work-life balance due to being independent contractors who set their own hours or choosing other training businesses or animal shelters for employment opportunities.

7. You get to work in a high-demand industry

Dog trainers work in an ever-evolving industry that requires skill and energy from them. Working as a dog trainer can be extremely rewarding.

Dog training requires strong problem-solving abilities in order to address problematic behaviors. Therefore, this career choice makes a perfect combination for people who love animals while relish the challenge.

8. You get to work with a variety of dogs

Dog training is an in-demand profession and therefore provides plenty of opportunities for trainers. This makes the profession particularly suitable for individuals looking to work with dogs but are unwilling to commit exclusively to one area of expertise.

Dog trainers should be aware that they may be exposed to animal dander in their work environment and thus it might not be suitable as a career choice if someone is allergic to animals.

9. You get to work in a high-demand industry

Dog training is a thriving industry and its demand keeps rising, offering great career prospects for animal lovers who wish to help both dogs and their owners coexist more harmoniously.

Dog trainers collaborate with pet owners to show them how to train their own pets at home, an endeavor which requires lots of physical stamina and hours spent on your feet.

10. You get to work in a low-stress industry

Dog trainers tend to work in training facilities which offer both indoor and outdoor training areas, specialized equipment, and controlled settings to facilitate group classes or individual behavioral modification sessions. This helps relieve trainer stress by creating an inviting workplace atmosphere.

Guide dog trainers specialize in training service dogs to assist individuals with special needs or disabilities, teaching basic obedience commands as well as dealing with behavioral issues like aggression, barking and chewing.

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