3 Tips For Landing A Job When You’re Close To Retirement

3 Tips For Landing A Job When You’re Close To Retirement

If you’re nearing the time where people might ordinarily retire but you’re not ready to, be it for financial reasons or because you can’t imagine yourself leaving the workforce and moving into an assisted living community in a few years, you might find yourself on the hunt for a new job. And while you might be worried about actually getting a job when you’re so close to retirement age, there are plenty of things that you can do to reassure employers and get the job you want.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for landing a job when you’re close to retirement.

Focus On Your Most Recent Work

Although you’ve likely been in the workforce for decades, even if you took some time off to raise kids or pursue other things, it’s going to be best to focus on your most recent work when putting together your resume and speaking about your experience in job interviews.

While you may be pulling from knowledge and expertise that you’ve gathered over years and years of work, by focusing your attention on your most recent work, you’ll help your potential employers see that you’re still relevant and can work in a modern work environment, which can be a concern for them.

Show That You’re Willing To Work With Younger People

Something else that could give an interviewer pause is if they’re worried how well you’d work with younger people, especially if your supervisor was much younger than you.

If you really have no problem with this, make sure you make this clear in your interview. Explain to them that you know the position that you’re applying for and that there will likely be people younger than you at higher levels within the company. Share that you look forward to working with them and that you know that you’ll be taking direction from them, and that there’s no issue for you in this.

Don’t Be Intimidated By Technology

Most modern businesses are going to be using modern technology. So as you prepare to get a new job while being close to retirement, it’s vital that you can show that you’re not intimidated by technology, even if you might feel like that initially.

To help you with, try to learn some of the basics of the software that is likely to be used in the industries you’re applying for jobs in. This way, you can be at least familiar with things before you get a job where you’ll have to learn the details of how to use this new technology.

If you’re close to retirement but want to continue working, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you on your quest to get a new job.

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