Reasons To Obtain Your Holistic Nurse Certification

Obtaining a holistic nurse certification has never been easier. Here at The Nurse Coach Collective, we’ve taken strides in helping registered nurses acquire their certification to start practicing holistic nursing. If you’ve ever thought about getting into the growing specialty, there’s never been a better time. By enrolling in our Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program, you can get board certified to become a holistic nurse practitioner. Wondering why enroll in our course? Here are some of the reasons why we believe we have the best certification course.

What Exactly Does a Nurse Coach Do? 

A nurse coach is someone that works with a client taking a unique holistic approach to their health and wellness. Holistic nursing is a nursing specialty. If you are interested in becoming a nurse coach or getting into holistic nursing, getting a nurse coach certificate can help you better position yourself to prospective clients and give you the training you need to offer better advice and care.

Reasons To Choose The Nurse Coach Collective To Obtain Your Holistic Nurse Certification

1. Made By Nurses

Yes, that’s right, we are nurses ourselves! That’s what made us want to start this program. We know how difficult the nursing profession is. We know the pitfalls and we know what nurses want. Unfortunately, modern medicine values nurses too little. Not only that but nurses are overworked and underappreciated. We’ve designed this course for nurses. We know what traditional nurses know and we can fill in the gaps. We know how nurses think, so we’ve designed our courses with that in mind. When you enroll in our Transformative Program, you will be going through a series of modules designed by nurses and for nurses. The entire program is optimized to ensure you get what you need. 

2. We Offer Plenty Of Resources

One of the things we pride ourselves on at The Nurse Coach Collective is how much we personalize the entire experience. We know that not every person learns the same way. Everyone has different learning styles and the experience needs to be tailored accordingly. We offer a range of different free resources that can be used to ensure that you get a fully personalized learning experience. This helps us optimize our program for more people.

3. We Do This Work

One of the things that set up apart from the rest is the fact that we live and breathe this stuff. We do this for a living. We have successfully built our own successful nurse coaching practice from the ground up. If you want to learn from professional nurse coaches that know what they are talking about, there’s no better option out there. We can take you through the journey step by step. The same journey that we used to help us become successful nurse coaches ourselves. 

4. You’ll Be Board Certified After Obtaining Your Holistic Nurse Certification

Unfortunately, the holistic nursing field is unregulated. Despite there being so much demand for the services, the industry is still primarily unregulated which puts a stain on the holistic nursing industry. We are doing our part in ensuring that holistic nurse coaches obtain the certification they need to practice properly. You will obtain your board certification by the end of our Transformative Nurse Coaching Courses. This means that you will have the credentials to show to prospective clients. These credentials will showcase that you went through the requisite training and education needed to become a nurse coach that they can rely on.

5. Connect With Others

Another thing that we stress with our program is how important making connections is. We have managed to foster an entire community of like-minded nurses. When you join our program, you get to tap into this community where you can ask questions to people that made the same transition as yourself. This can be a great way to learn about some of the things you should and shouldn’t do. It can also help you get answers to questions that you might have about the holistic nursing field and being a nurse coach. Getting access to a like-minded community can be motivational and give you what you need to propel yourself forward. We are very happy about the community we’ve managed to put together and we look forward to you joining it soon!

There’s never been a better time to get into the holistic nursing field by getting your holistic nurse certification. The demand for health and wellness coaching has never been greater. More and more people are looking to get into the field. More and more people are finding out about all of the benefits of holistic care. If you want to tap into this growing demand, you’ll want to get board certified. This will give you all of the education and training you need to deliver the best care to your clients. Not only can you win back your time by starting your nurse coaching practice, but you get the chance to help a lot of people. Join the Nurse Coach Collective today!

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