4 Reasons to Move Your Business to London

If you want to take your business to the next level, it’s smart to move it to London. After all, the English capital is home to exceptional talent, endless job opportunities, and diverse culture.

If you’re unsure if the Big Smoke is the best option for your growing venture, you’d be wise to learn a little more about the city. Here are four reasons to move your business to London.

Reason #1: London is One of the Most Connected Cities in the World

Are you looking for a headquarters to grow a global empire? London must be at the top of your list. The capital is one of the most connected cities on the planet. Heathrow, the biggest of its six airports, welcomes more international passengers than any other airport on the planet.

Also, the six London airports provide a combined 369 direct flights from international destinations, including 1,029 from North America and 9,340 from Europe. If you often need to connect with international clients daily, London’s time zone is ideal, as you could start your day with a call to Tokyo and connect with a customer in Los Angeles before heading home.

Reason #2: The New London Plan

Sadiq Khan, the current mayor of London, has introduced the New London Plan, which is dedicated to increasing the availability of affordable workspaces across the capital, such as new offices, co-working spaces, and more. Its goal is to meet the growing demand from businesses of all sizes.

You can gain access to exceptional office spaces in London before they get listed via theworkplacecompany.co.uk. After learning about your company’s specific needs, the team will make it their mission to find a suitable office in the capital, and they’ll negotiate the best lease terms on your business’s behalf.

Reason #3: A Skilled, Diverse Talent Pool

London is a melting pot of highly skilled professionals from various corners of the globe. The city is home to 8.1 million people, and many have diverse backgrounds and skills to match different industries’ needs.

It has become a hotspot for tech companies of all sizes, as it is the top European destination for international technology employees. For instance, London is second to the United States for its number of talented AI experts. Also, a third of English graduates move to London to pursue their dream career with a reputable company. Therefore, your company can take its pick from top talent to run a thriving business.

Reason #4: A Rich Culture

If you’re looking to start a venture or establish a headquarters in a cultural city to drive footfall to your business, you cannot go wrong with London. The capital is home to an incredible 857 art galleries, 250 theatres, and 215 museums.

Also, it is home to the following four UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

  • Kew’s Royal Botanic Gardens
  • The Tower of London
  • Westminster Palace
  • Maritime Greenwich

If you want to open an exciting restaurant in an atmospheric city, London is a smart pick. It has a rich and diverse culinary scene, as it’s the proud home of more than 6,267 restaurants, including 66 Michelin-starred restaurants.

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