5 Careers to Consider if You Like Driving

There are many great careers to consider if you love to drive. If you find the process meditative, comforting or exciting, then there are many different careers you can focus on where driving is your main focus. Your overall options will, of course, be determined by what type of vehicle you are legally allowed to drive and what you are interested in learning.

With so many options, however, you are sure to find a great career option that suits you:  

1.   Becoming a Taxi Driver

Taking people to and from their destination is an excellent way to drive for a living. Not only can you make a great living driving this way, but you can also really learn your city. How you become a taxi driver depends on what you’re after: you could join a private taxi company, become a driver on a ride-share company, or alternatively you could even work towards becoming a licensed city driver.

While there are options where you can use your own private vehicle you are better off buying a for-purpose taxi from sellers like CabDirect. This way you can keep business expenses separate and use a special-made vehicle for customers.

2.   Operating a Moving Company

If you can drive a large truck and want to make a living driving, then transport people’s belongings or purchases from point A to point B. Many people who are moving from home to home or city to city need a mover, and many more buy items either from private sellers or from small businesses that don’t offer shipping to their area.

The best part about this model is that you can actually double-up. For example, if you are shipping furniture from one city to another, you can pick up pieces from more than one customer and get it all delivered in a single go as well as collect goods for transport back again.

3.   Bus, Tram, or Train Driver

Though you will need to be specially trained to become a public transportation driver, the career prospects are usually great. This industry is typically unionised, meaning that the pay and benefits are a huge draw for many that love to drive and enjoy the meditative practice of driving around the city.

4.   Driving Instructor

You can become a driving instructor or tester and work to make the streets safer by teaching the next generation. One thing to keep in mind with this option, of course, is that you while you will be driving to your clients’ homes, you won’t be driving during your shifts – your clients will be.

5.   Mail Delivery

Another excellent city job you can aim for that includes regular driving is to become a mail carrier. If you can’t or don’t want to work for the city there are many private mail carrier companies as well. In this case you travel through the city and then deliver letters and packages from distribution centre to their destination.

Mail delivery is usually far better paid than food delivery options, but the trade-off is that you won’t typically be your own boss. Instead, you can expect higher wages and benefits.

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