How UK Businesses Are Boosting Their Productivity In 2022

Whether you’re a business owner, or an employee looking to learn more about the changes that are being implemented across UK companies in 2022, you might be wondering how the importance of productivity is driving improvements across the business world. More and more companies are turning to productivity-boosting methods to expand their business and grow their audience, which in turn allows them to generate higher income. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the most popular ways that businesses are boosting their productivity this year so that you can take inspiration from their changes.

Improved Employee Wellbeing Incentives 

An easy way to instantly boost productivity in the workplace is for managers to show employees that they are valued members of the team. In recent years, this has increasingly taken the form of well-being incentives that are introduced to prioritize staff wellbeing. Some examples of this include:

  • Flexible working
  • Reducing meeting times
  • Healthcare plans
  • Engagement programs

By placing employee wellness at the forefront of any changes, businesses can give staff members an incentive to feel included and valued, which in turn drives up productivity levels and minimizes staff turnover. Indeed, in a cross-industry survey, BetterUp found that employees who feel valued are 50% less likely to leave an organization – when it comes to staff retention, carefully planned employee wellbeing incentives are a no-brainer.

Revamping Office Spaces

Another way to boost business productivity is to give employees and managers a great place to work, and a good way of doing this is to revamp their office spaces. Across the UK, more and more businesses are revolutionizing their office spaces to be more sustainable, able to offer greater flexibility for a working environment, and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Having the newest technology leads to quicker download speeds and increased employee satisfaction, as well as limited frustration with older or outdated equipment. Although the number of employees who work from home is increasing, the investments made to quality office spaces are bringing more people back to the office and driving up the productivity of staff members who come into the office.

Moving Towards Net Zero

When it comes to sustainability and the aims of governments around the world for their nations to become environmentally friendly, there is extensive dialogue around how far this is possible in the face of productivity targets that drive a variety of different industries. A popular argument against the goal of net zero for productivity is that sustainability movements cause higher costs for businesses and force their hand to invest in green areas rather than other employee benefits or efficiency practices. The idea of reaching net zero is, therefore, for many businesses, seen as detrimental rather than positive for their ambitions. However, reaching net zero actually comes with many benefits for businesses that have a direct positive impact on productivity. Electric vehicles and renewable energy provide a blueprint for businesses who want to step up to the plate and make a positive impact both on their local communities and also on the planet. What’s more, there are real-world examples of the success of businesses who embrace the net zero promise and have seen overwhelmingly positive feedback – for example, check out how these Swindon and Wiltshire businesses commit to net zero carbon emissions by 2030, according to HR Dept.

Embracing Technology

Lastly, businesses that embrace new technology have been boosting their productivity to an impressive level. Not only does the technology of today offer faster performance, better download speeds, and improvements to online communications, but a growing number of software companies are providing applications that speed up employee tasks and boost productivity. For example, some of today’s project management platforms allow groups and individuals to collaborate with one another across different departments and with external stakeholders, which makes project planning and delivery feel seamless. Employees who have access to high-quality technology have also been shown to be happier in their jobs, and less likely to leave, so embracing new tech is a great way for business owners to show their appreciation and boost productivity in the workplace.

In an increasingly competitive business world, organizations are constantly having to up their game and prove that they can fend off competitors. Boosting productivity is a great way to do this, and one which will impress both the internal and external stakeholders within a company. By prioritizing employee wellbeing, revamping their office spaces, and promoting net zero goals, businesses can see increased productivity and success.

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