5 Career Ideas for Creative People

Being a creative person can be a blessing and a curse. Even though it can be a wonderful gift, it can often leave you feeling frustrated with your job if there’s not enough room for creative expression. Luckily, there are plenty of creative job options out there that continue to emerge every day. If you consider yourself a creative person, then here are some career ideas that you should explore.


Even though the idea of working in IT  or cybersecurity may initially sound less than creative, the truth is that there’s a lot of room for creativity and creative thinking. You can consider yourself a sort of special agent there to protect sensitive information. It’s up to IT and cybersecurity specialists to keep their systems safe, and stay aware of any potential attacks.  If the idea of being a special agent ever appealed to you as a child, then fighting hackers might just let you live out your James Bond fantasy.


If you were one of those kids who doodled all day during class, only to be told that you were wasting your time that you could have been used working instead, you could be able to use that talent for your career! Tattoo artists can make as much as $100,000 a year depending on how in-demand you are. If you love the idea of drawing for a living, and working in close contact with people who appreciate your art, then a career as a tattooer could be a great choice.


The human brain can be influenced to buy a product or service by employing the right marketing strategies. A job as a marketer requires you to come up with creative ways to appeal to your ideal client. Advertising and creativity go hand in hand.  Not to mention marketing specialists can make a considerable amount of money depending on the company they work for.

Special Effects Makeup Artist

Are you someone that has always loved putting makeup on yourself? Do you love fantasy and sci-fi movies? Behind every great movie is usually a fantastic special effects artist that brought the story to life through the power of makeup. If you have a passion for film, and also make-up, then working as a special effects makeup artist may be the perfect choice for you.


If you love writing, then there are all sorts of jobs out there that could pay you to use your writing skills. Whether it’s as a copywriter, or even writing your own blog, there are plenty of ways to make money from writing. Perhaps writing for a newspaper is something that you would be interested in. It all depends on what kind of writing style you enjoy, and what kind of contacts you have.  

These are just a few ideas for you to consider.  By dipping your feet into a few you’ll eventually find the right fit for you! 

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