5 Tips For Unloading Big Shipments

Unloading big shipments can be a big task. Not only does it require a lot of organization, but also requires skill. However by having the right tips under your belt, you’ll be better prepared, and more successful overall. Here are some of the best tips for unloading big shipments.

Think Ahead

Any time that you’re taking on a big task like freight unloading, it’s important that you are as prepared as possible. Know when your load is coming in, and exactly what kind of cargo you’ll be dealing with. Depending on the size of your load, you may require extra tools like a forklift, or extra staff. 

Most importantly, you should make sure that you’ve scheduled the shipment arrival  into your day. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself in the middle of a big project only to have to stop everything and receive your cargo. Planning can go a long way, so make sure that you’re in close contact with your shipper to ensure you know exactly when it’s arriving.

If the delivery arrives and you don’t have a way to be able to unload it, not only are you losing time, but you’re also wasting your delivery drivers time. Think ahead and plan ahead, and you’ll avoid pesky delays.

Get Your Team Forklift Certified

A forklift is incredibly important for unloading heavy cargo. However, not just anyone can use one.  They can be extremely powerful and therefore dangerous. Make sure that everyone on your team is forklift certified so they can hop on and operate the forklift as needed.

If this sounds like it’s beyond your teams skill set, then you may want to hire professional freight unloading services. That way you know that your shipment will be handled correctly with the right equipment without having to worry about certifications.

Use a Ramp

A ramp is critical for accessing the back of a truck full of cargo. Since it’s inclined, you can easily roll your cargo up and down using a dolly.

Not only does this make it much easier unload your shipment, but it also reduces your risk of injuries. You don’t need anybody falling out of the back of the truck attempting to unload a shipment. 

Know Proper Lifting Techniques

It’s important that you know the right lifting techniques when unloading large shipments. You could seriously injure yourself or someone else if you lift incorrectly. Ideally, you should not lift over 50 pounds yourself, and if possible, make sure that anyone unloading is wearing a back brace. 

The last thing you need is someone injuring their back which could bring productivity to a halt, not to mention cost you in medical bills.

Stock Immedaiately 

Even though you may be tempted to place your shipments off to the side and deal with stocking later, the truth is that this will just lead to disorganization. As soon as you receive the shipment, you should make sure that it’s organized, stocked, and filed away immediately. Above all,  ensure that everything is correctly labeled and stored so that you can find it easily when you need it.

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