Career Prospects: Aspects to Consider

It’s tough being a teenager, there’s no doubting that and one of the most important decisions that every young person has to make is a career path. Sadly, the majority of students have no idea where their interest lies, so the best solution is exploration, looking at careers and gaining more information about the field, which should help you to make an informed decision. If you are currently mulling over whether or not you prefer the sciences to communication, here are a few career options that include new and emerging technologies.

  • Follow your interest – Naturally, you would rather be working in a field that you enjoy than dreading to go to work every day, so spend some time reviewing subjects and fields, looking for interest. If you like to work with your hands, for example, you might want to consider hi-tech logistics, which involves transporting, installing and configuring technical equipment, such as ATM or vending machine installation, something that leading white glove logistics company, Tecdis, would handle. For this type of work, you should be computer literate and have a basic interest in computer science, plus have an understanding or mechanical and electrical engineering.
  • Emerging technologies – As tech development is ongoing, you should be looking at a sector that has a future, which will ensure great promotion prospects. Some examples of such sectors are robotics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and blockchain development, all of which are in high demand today. Learning the right subjects at university will certainly prepare you well for a career in an emerging technology, plus you can be sure of a good future. If you fancy your chances as an entrepreneur, here are a few coaching tips that might help you learn the basics.
  • Training – Some professions require 4-6 years of on-the-job training, so you must be prepared for this, and what seem like a sacrifice at the beginning, will become an asset as you get older. Qualifications are everything today, so do take courses that you think might assist you when job-hunting, as every little helps.
  • Always have a plan – If you plan your career, your chances of success will greatly improve. So do spend time thinking about potential careers and take an honest look at your personality. Some people are better suited to certain things than others; if you are a good communicator, sales and marketing might be a good choice, or if you are good with your hands, why not get into engineering? Click here for a UK government website for career hunters.
  •  Study Hard – We all know that nothing of value comes easy, and your grades need to be high, especially in relevant career subjects, so do put in the time and focus on the course and class material. If there are subjects you find difficult, hire a private tutor to improve your basic understanding, which will pay dividends in the long-term.

It can feel like an uphill task to decide how to spend your working life, but if you talk to your career counsellor at school and confide in your parents, they will help you to make the right career choices.

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