Consultant’s With Their Own Boutique Firms

Everyone is quite familiar with the word boutique.  The dictionary defines a boutique as a small store or a small specialty shop. Typically, the word boutique is associated with small fashion stores. However, the consultancy world also has boutique consulting firms that are small, specialized and localized consultancy firms. They are small because these consulting firms have only one advisor to fewer than 500 consultants. They are described as specialized because they focus on providing services for one or several consulting practice areas, such as marketing. Sometimes, boutique firms only focus on serving one or two industries, like healthcare. Likewise, they are localized because they can only serve clients within a specific geographic location or localized markets.

For example, someone looking for a consulting firm in Omaha is more likely to find boutique consulting firms. The firms would have a smaller workforce size, cheaper, and more specialized than multinational consulting firms. The Consultant’s Consultant Andrew Pek said that in most instances, boutique firms are established by senior consultants who previously work for more prominent consulting firms and have gained many years of experience in consultancy. “In most cases, boutique firms started with one consultant and eventually hired additional consultants as the work volume increases over time,” Andrew explained.

To remain relevant in the consulting landscape, consultants who own their boutique firms need to take their skills to the next level and keep pace with the highly dynamic business environment. Whom do consultants consult to achieve better results? They only trust Andrew Pek. That is why Andrew earned the moniker Consultant’s Consultant. He is the founder of the online consulting course Consulting Unplugged and the CEO of DxD Partners.

Throughout the years, Andrew has assisted and guided fellow consultants and advisors seeking to up their consulting game and deliver more impact to their clients. As a result, Andrew has been the primary choice of consultants with their boutique firms to sharpen their saw. 

The Consulting Blueprint

“Today, the world needs skilled advisors, change agents, and facilitators who could assist individuals, organizations, and entrepreneurs on how to overcome the challenges and find new solutions that will deliver real impact to their clients and their situations,” Andrew said. With this thought in kind, the Consultant’s Consultant and his team develop the Consulting Unplugged program.

Andrew explained that Consulting Unplugged is both a course and a blueprint designed for those starting their consulting career and those who want to learn new ways to deal with their clients. The program is composed of six modules using video lessons, audio series, and a workbook. “We call it unplugged because we moved away from the typical textbook type of learning. We present the course as if it is a story unfolding with each lesson,” he continued.

Andrew and his team crafted the program to help their clients learn at their own pace. “Even if they have completed the course, they can keep coming back to it again and again,” he added.

Developing An Impact Mindset

For Andrew, the outcome of any consulting is delivering a positive and meaningful impact. Consulting is all about providing impact. He explained that consultants could measure impact through the results achieved, the shifts in points of view, and motivated action to propel clients and their organization to grow.

“If you want to be a consultant with an impact mindset, you need to develop nine key behaviors. One of these is the commitment to themselves to become better. The world is changing so do the needs of your clients. It is, therefore, crucial to upgrade your skill and strive to be the best you could be,” Andrew noted.

Another critical behavior is embracing feedback and learning from it. “Your clients are your best source on what areas you need to improve. That is why you should be open to feedback from your clients to determine how to do things better. Consider feedback as one of learning more about yourself,” Andrew stated.

Driving Results

Andrew described his team as result-driven and devoted to assisting their clients in their innovation journey and to become more customer-centric.

For example, Andrew’s team helped a well-known client significantly improve and diversify the pipeline of new products through aggressive growth strategies and innovation.

“We developed and implemented a comprehensive global strategy and innovation platform that extended beyond products and focused on new business models, service, delivery, and customer experiences,” Andrew said.

Then, his team built and skilled up a comprehensive innovation champion network for the company and developed a robust innovation and portfolio management process. The result was astounding. Their client became the leading pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare company globally with double-digit growth. It successfully established a comprehensive and integrated network of champions committed to making innovation a habit.

Andrew is inviting fellow consultants and advisors to start their journey towards innovation, design thinking, and entrepreneurship with his team by visiting or for more details.

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