Daniel Snyder: Philanthropy in Action

Dan Snyder has always had a love of sports from a young age. Seeing the Washington Redskins with his father not only shaped much of his youth, it also inspired in him a die-hard loyalty that would later lead to a headline-worthy bid for the team. But his commitment wasn’t just to his beloved team. To him, football represented so much more than a field for the players.

The games are really a gathering place for everyone to come together. No matter where you’re from, you can come to root for your favorite team. It’s why Snyder has always had a passion for giving back to the community. 

As the owner of Washington Football, Daniel Snyder continues to be a leader and philanthropist, both in the D.C. area and beyond. His efforts have helped raise millions for charity and impacted the lives of countless individuals and families.

The Driving Force 

Passion is what’s behind everything that Dan Snyder does. Whether he’s with his family or on the field, he’s a man who can channel his feelings into positive action. As the owner of the Washington Football Team, he has always understood that his decisions have a lasting impact on the people around him. 

It wasn’t long after he bought the Redskins in 1999 before he set up the Washington Charty Foundation in 2000. By bringing in corporate and community interests, the goal was to make a difference in the lives of young people in D.C. Since its inception, more than $29 million has been invested in the community, impacting millions of lives in ways both large and small. 

Charitable Foundation

Snyder’s main foundation focused on a number of public interests, including education and health. In the 2019 season, the foundation hosted more than 115 in-school workshops and special events across multiple districts. From general wellness classes to reading promotions, this foundation helps set children up for success both now and in the future. 

The staff also coordinated the installation of multiple laundry facilities. This seemingly small boundary was one that desperately needed to be addressed. No or limited access to a washer/dryer can prevent kids from coming to school or joining sports and clubs. The Chartitable Foundation enabled more than 80 schools and non-profit organizations to set up individual centers where families and children could discreetly wash their clothes. 

Emergency Action 

Dan Snyder has largely invested his time, energy, and money to the people of D.C. However, there’s also a time to think beyond your own backyard too. In 2016, Snyder coordinated the delivery of emergency supplies after Hurricane Matthew.

Not only did he arrange an air delivery to the Bahamas, he also had two football players hand-deliver medical supplies to a hospital in Port Au Prince. He took the equipment from the team’s own training staff because he knew that the people of Haiti simply needed it more. 

The emergency relief has been a pattern of Snyder’s, following aid given to Indonesia, Thailand, and New Orleans in the early 2000s. The Bahamas Minister of Tourism, Obie Wilchcombe, commented that Snyder knew how to live by example and hoped that others would follow in his footsteps. 

Youth Support 

In addition the efforts of the Charitable Foundation, Snyder supports the Children’s National Hospital and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). He’s on the Board of Directors for the hospital and his financial support enabled the hospital to build the Snyder Family Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center.

At NCMEC, he also set up the Daniel M. Snyder and Family Communication Center. Snyder was also honored by Beacon House and Youth for Tomorrow for his efforts to support youth. These two organizations are committed to at-risk communities in Edgewood Terrace and Bristow respectively. 

Finally, his community outreach efforts also encouraged kids to get involved with local sports porgrams, including cheerleading, and taught 200 high school coaches about the dangers of concussions. 

Social Injustice 

Daniel Snyder is committed to social justice and equalty. In the spring of 2020, he donated a quarter of a million dollars to a grassroots effort after the death of George Floyd. This organization is helping raise awareness and encouraging communities to make real, lasting change. 

Snyder also donated $35,000 to restore the Ashburn Colored School after it was vandalized in 2016. This small school started as a single room serving Black students from 1892 to 1957. The restoration goal was $100,000, and Dan Snyder helped push them over their original target. 

Public Efforts  

Snyder was very involved at the beginning of the pandemic, working with the Maryland National Guard to set up testing sites in George County. He also donated $100,000 to the Capital Area Food Bank to keep struggling families afloat during the crisis. 

Daniel Snyder also created Salute, an organization that hosts events for the miltary. Salute was the first official military appreciation club in the NFL, one that honors the community through everything from re-enlistment ceremonies to pre-game parties.

Snyder has also partnered with the Gary Sinise Foundation to build a smart home for Capt. Luis Avila, a veteran who was paralyzed while serving in the Army. (And also a die-hard Washington Football fan.)

The Businessman Behind It All 

Dan Synder has built such a massive empire around this team that his advice is highly sought after in the NFL. He’s been appointed to numerous organizations, including the Board of Trustees of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He’s also opened several team stores in the surrounding D.C. area and set up numerous mobile units for home games and related events. It’s his instincts and hard work that have allowed him to build such a lasting legacy for the community. 

The owner of the Washington Football Team is involved in numerous efforts, and he’ll continue to be an instrumental force for good. If there’s ever going to change, we need real leaders that we can count on. It seems clear that Dan Snyder fits that description to a T. 

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