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Dreamforce Returns in 2021 – Tips for Attendees

Just as thousands of other event organizers had to do in 2020, the people responsible for the annual Dreamforce Technology Convention had to cancel last year’s event. With widespread vaccination efforts and the threat of the coronavirus pandemic subsiding, organizers recently announced that Dreamforce 2021 will go on as scheduled.

Dreamforce is the Brainchild of Salesforce

Salesforce, the global leader in sales automation and technology, sponsors the largest technology conference in the world each year. Known as Dreamforce, the conference takes place over a period of three days.

Participants have the opportunity to attend more than 2,700 workshops and sessions while hearing from elite keynote speakers in the technology industry.

For the first time in the event’s history, Dreamforce will take place in multiple cities besides San Francisco. These include New York City, London, and Paris. The dates of this year’s conference are Tuesday, September 21 to Thursday, September 23. Salesforce will also host the event virtually in 2021.

Safety Considerations for This Year’s Conference

Salesforce is relying on public health guidance to ensure the safety of everyone who attends a Dreamforce Conference. That means everyone who attends a conference in San Francisco or New York City must have received both vaccinations against COVID-19. Attendees of the London and Paris events should follow local health guidelines.

Salesforce will also work closely with Dr. Larry Brilliant, a well-respect epidemiologist, to establish safety protocols for the events. At this time, the company plans to restrict in-person attendance to 5,000 people to comply with state guidelines in California and New York.

Top Reasons to Attend the 2021 Dreamforce Conference

Attendees at any of the four events have the opportunity to experiment with new technology before developers release products to the public. They can also participate in demonstrations by Salesforce staff and their partners.

Networking opportunities abound, and past attendees have said the connections they made at the conference helped them meet new people, gain inspiration, and even land a new job. Most noteworthy from past attendees is the report of an average 20 percent return on investment rate.

Special Tips for San Francisco Dreamforce 2021 Attendees

Since Salesforce only held Dreamforce in San Francisco in the past, the city has become accustomed to welcoming attendees and providing them with valuable advice. For example, out-of-state visitors should travel in groups and not make it appear obvious they are not from the area.

Women should consider carrying their purses in a crisscross pattern across their shoulder to prevent would-be thieves from grabbing them from behind. Men will want to keep their wallets close to them, either in a front pants pocket or suitcoat pocket.

The best way not to become a crime victim while visiting San Francisco is to remain alert. Walking down the street is not the time to be checking texts or talking on the phone. Situational awareness means continually scanning the environment and staying clear of anything that looks suspicious.

Conference attendees will enjoy the rich culinary environment of San Francisco, especially in nearby Chinatown. Just a short ride from the Moscone Center that hosts the event, Chinatown is home to several restaurants that offer authentic Asian food and a unique dining experience.

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