Exercising While You Work Is The Ultimate Self-Care

The last two years have taught us to always expect the unexpected.  From COVID-19 to the indescribable increase in telecommuting, (which is likely here to stay), it has become apparent that we need to find new ways to manage both our stress, our health, and especially, our calendars.  

Staying in the best shape possible, regardless of any challenges, is imperative. Exercise is the best way for career savvy professionals to keep their brains – and their bodies in tip top shape.  In a recent study by the Brookings Institute, it was noted that, “a habit of regular exercise will help keep you mentally sharper throughout your entire life. As you age, your body generates fewer and fewer brain cells (a process called neurogenesis). However, early research in mice suggests that exercise can help prevent this slowdown.”   

Fueling your body with proper nutrients, formulating a schedule that works, and exercising to harness your brainpower and give you optimal agility isn’t as difficult as you may think. A recent Australian study found that “workday exercise, not only improves well-being but participants noted a 72 percent improvement in time management and workload completed on days when they exercised. Low-intensity aerobic exercise is more effective than high-intensity exercise for improving productivity.” There are hundreds of studies that show the same findings.  The end result: finding ways to exercise makes sense, even when time or ability-challenged, is simple. By using the miniTREAD™ you can multitask in a whole new way.

Joanna Medin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Onthemuv.com. The company’s miniTREAD® is a compact seated treadmill which lets you keep walking and burn calories, while seated at your desk or watching TV. Joanna’s vision to counter the effects of our sedentary behavior is changing the way we manage our self-care, exercise, and more.

You may be wondering, “what’s a miniTREAD and how can it help me multitask by incorporating exercise into my everyday schedule without planning extra time for it?” The product was named the miniTREAD for a very good reason; it isn’t the heavy, unmovable treadmill used in the gym or basement.  It isn’t the proverbial coat hanger you bought when you were planning to exercise daily. In fact, the miniTREAD is a portable, seated, treadmill-like device used while working, under a desk, in front of a sofa, or anywhere that makes sense from a seated position. 

Feeling like a doubting Thomas?  After trying it, this author can attest to the fact that miniTREAD helps build muscle mass and keeps it intact while enhancing productivity and focus.  By using the miniTREAD during the workday, there was absolutely no need to factor in a tired trip to the gym.  It was cleaner, safer, and provided a quality workout without leaving my home office. In fact, the workout got harder as the speed increased.  

This product is completely user-friendly.  Designed with color-coded buttons that make your workout far easier and a full hand control mechanism, this lightweight exercise machine has found its way all over my house.  Everyone from an exercise novice to a full enthusiast can exercise with the click of a button or two.  It’s significantly smaller and more lightweight (weighing in at less than my Mini Goldendoodle) than a typical treadmill.  For the home office-based professional – or anyone over 16 years of age – the miniTREAD truly is a best of breed exercise solution every home, office, or home office needs.  The miniTREAD is available on Amazon or at www.onthemuv.com

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