How COVID Has Changed The Way Sales Is “Done” And What You Need To Do To Retain Your Salespeople For Remote Sales

The economic consequences as a result of Covid-19 are dire. Although the full impact of the pandemic is far from certain, the lives and livelihood of many communities worldwide are venturing into uncharted waters. Survival is for the fittest; therefore, you may need to implement survival tactics to get through this period as an entrepreneur. But how do you do this, and more importantly how can you do it successfully?

First of all, you should maximize your online platform use as you make alterations to sales strategy while emphasizing your business value proposition. Create a remote working platform for your back-up team while you increase online engagements with minimal travels as a flexible working arrangement strategy. And to manage a perfect workflow, you may need to set up calendar events and check-in with specific team members and perhaps a weekly online meeting. All of these tips come straight from sales expert, Bella Verita. 

Brief Recap With Bella

During a recent podcast, Bella Verita elaborates what it takes to survive in a harsh condition. Her first-hand experience in a male-dominated industry initially was a bottleneck, which she turned to her advantage.

She believes that women can overcome the inferiority complex attitude, remove the specs from their eyes while soaring high like an eagle. To better understand the lessons, let’s outline the information in a detailed form. 

Maximize The Use Of Online Platform

With the current regulations implementing lockdown, it may be not easy to travel or have face-to-face conversations. Nevertheless, to override the obstacle a wide array of e-commerce market has opened up. The opportunity has made it easy to trade while creating a competitive platform; however it has also increased risk of cybercrimes.

If you want to thrive within the online platform, it is vital to ensure that whatever product and services you are offering are of high quality with unique packaging and address a specific need that is essential to be satisfied by the target audience. Frequently update your business website while having many engagements with social viewers. Ensure you use a high-resolution camera to capture high-quality visual illustrations.

 Adaptation Of Sales Strategy To Current Technology

 Most entrepreneurs are adopting digital interactions as a way to generate revenues. However, many sales agents are facing challenges across all spectrums. As the clock ticks, ensure your sales deck is engaging the audience, hold their attention, and offer a highly memorable message that will inspire a decisive reaction. The bottom line is for your presentation to carry the day.

On average, 80% of entrepreneurs have migrated their communication, accounting, and client relationship management tools online for ease of doing business. The transparent sales process, high-quality departmental teams, excellent selling materials, and visual and audio messages will trigger referrals and new customers toward your site. Ensure that you have adopted your business value proposition to increase brand awareness and expand the market zone.

Create A Remote Working Platform

 The phrase “At work,” has a literal meaning of a physical location, mostly an office space. More recently, however, the world is adjusting to working from home. The sudden shift has brought with it a new question of focus: How can we make it seamless for employees to work from anywhere, and how can it be done so collaboratively to ensure they can work with each other while being in separate locations? There is no automatic answer nor a silver bullet answer to the questions. Several options available entail keeping your team engaged and safe, automating processes while developing new policies, and having continuous innovation to keep pace with the current market trends.

Have A Flexible Working Arrangement

It is challenging enough not to feel isolated and in quarantine while in a home working set-up. As an entrepreneur, the way you communicate and interact with your team members impacts morale and adaptability. 

Create a lively interaction by setting up weekly online meetings and one-to-one check-ins. Have some entertaining aspects to trigger motivation and free expressions of how they feel and what challenges they may be facing. Celebrate personal success and team success uniquely by sometimes even spotlighting the champ of the week. 

Let’s disrupt the real estate industry and demonstrate value to stay on track. To quickly get personal touch training, contact Bella Verita on email, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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