How To Design An Amazing Website For Your Contracting Business

Running your own business comes with many perks and challenges. No two business owners are exactly the same. A challenge that’s enjoyable to one business owner could be something another boss dreads. When it comes to the field of contracting, for example, there’s always that carpenter who enjoys making bids while another prefers the hands-on building process.

Perhaps the best perk to running your own business is that you can decide which jobs to do yourself and which to outsource. The same way you might hire a subcontractor to finish up the trim work on an elaborate renovation, it’s possible to outsource marketing and digital content work, too. If you’re a general contractor wondering how you could build a beautiful website but aren’t sure you want to do the work yourself, here are some things to consider.

Show off your talent in images.


For a carpenter who isn’t afraid to try new things, building a professional website could be easy with a heavy focus on images. Perhaps, for example, your business specializes in custom glasshouses like those at Cultivar Greenhouses. Taking a website design project on DIY style can be easy if you start taking pictures and building up a strong portfolio. The fact is that potential customers will want to see your skills and a picture is the best way to show off your talent. Listing your services with a home renovations site like Angie’s List and tying that profile back to a basic portfolio website may reveal that building your own website isn’t so intimidating after all.

Contractors who prefer to write or don’t have many pictures can start with a blog that offers value. In helping the average homeowner with a simple question or how-to job, they’ll remember your name when it comes time to hire someone for bigger renovations.

Hire someone to take care of the marketing logistics.


If you’d rather start big than small, hiring an agency like Contractor Gorilla could be a great way to get your talent onto the global market more quickly. In outsourcing your website design, not only will you save yourself time, but you’ll likely show up easier for potential customers in Google searches. This is because professional web agencies know how to backlink your content to searches. In short, using the professionals could produce better results for both the short and long term. However, just because you’re hiring someone else to take over your digital content doesn’t mean you won’t need to be involved in the process. Any agency will need your help to make your site both professional and unique.

Use a hybrid model to build a memorable website.


Like with big jobs, many contractors find a happy balance with their web design needs. Some have great luck outsourcing the overall design and layout but later take over their own blogs to give their sites a more personal feel. In the same way that your custom homes might have a specific look that represents your brand, your ability to take on a few web duties without losing the backing of the pros could be the best approach.

In the end, the goal is to show your potential clients the jobs you can offer at competitive prices. In using images, starting a blog for the DIY homeowner, working with web designers, and considering many marketing models, you’re bound to end up with a website you can be proud of.

Instead of stressing over how you’ll get the job done, think of your web design project the same way you would an open building plan. The truth is, how you approach the job is only limited by your imagination.

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