How to Manage Your Online Presence When You Have Multiple Locations

How many times have you heard someone say they want to expand their business? Problem is, so many growing businesses have no idea how to create a strong brand identity across multiple locations. Whether you’re looking to grow, or optimize the locations you already have, here are some tips and real-life examples to be inspired by! 

Tip #1: Use free tools like Google My Business to boost SEO

When it comes to marketing for multiple location businesses, Google My Business (GMB) profiles are vital. GMB profiles help drive customer engagement by listing businesses in Google’s local search results and on Google Maps. The key is to distinguish each location so that customers can find them through their local Google search, so include contact information, website links, and external pictures A great example is Callaway Bank, who has GMB profiles for their eight locations that include lobby and drive-through hours, Google Maps interface, and pictures and bios of the branch staff.  

Tip #2: Create a brand guide and communication processes

Bottom line: your customers expect consistency in their experience, a successful business with multiple locations must create the same digital experience for consumers across all platforms. Otherwise, consumers become confused and often turned off by your brand, which damages your online reputation. 

Take the time to define a set of branding guidelines to be used across all locations. This can include voice and tone, vocabulary, acceptable images, font and color choice, and rules for logo usage. Don’t forget to establish guidelines on how to communicate on your active online platforms. For example, how quickly should the assigned party respond to a digital message, mention, or review? 

Tip #3: Combine national branding with local content. 

This is a particularly smart strategy when it comes to social media platforms. For each page, incorporate your company’s brand guide and communication process, but also add in more specific, localized content. For example, Texas Adoption Center’s main office is in Dallas, Texas, but they have several locations across the state. Each location has its own page, with various locations listed to hit SEO, along with a photo of a real employee at the location and a testimonial from a client who lives in that area, a clear Google Maps interface and a Contact Us form. 

Tip #4: Provide links on your company website to each location. This is of particular importance if your business runs on appointments! It’s frustrating to try and book a session on a vague, general site when you know you have a specific location or professional you want. Consider The Lash & Sugar Company, which has locations in Gilbert, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Paradise Valley. When you click on the Locations link, you have the option to book online at each separate location, not just through one platform. This removes an extra step for both customer and employee, and boosts efficiency!

Tip #5: Consider developing an app to centralize all your locations

Does your business just keep growing across the country? Consider a custom developed app! Cruise America has 127 rental centers across the United States, Canada, and Alaska. That’s why they’ve developed the Cruise America RV App, the only RV travel app dedicated to RV travelers and Cruise America customers. Customers can quickly get helpful information and troubleshoot issues, all with the push of a button. Check it out here:

Start with any one of these best practices, and you’re on your way to successfully scaling your business!  

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