How to Use Social Media Video to Get a Job Even During a Recession

Nowadays when I go on LinkedIn, I hear from job applicants and recruiters that there is an immense demand for jobs because of the pandemic and the recession it caused. Every applicant is competing with hundreds of others. 

This is why if you apply for a job the traditional way, it will be difficult for you to stand out. One way to beat the competition and get your foot through the door before the job is open for everyone is by using social media, to be even more specific, through social media video. 

This can sound like a complicated process. So, I have shared a step by step process you can use below…

Decide on a target audience:

To get this right, you need to run your social media presence like a business. Most businesses get started with this by choosing a target audience. You need to decide who you want to reach with your videos. Is this a recruiter or the CEO of a company or a headhunter or someone else? 

You will be creating videos that will resonate with this target audience. They should want to watch your videos and follow you and eventually hire you in the future. 

Choose the right social networks:

Once you know the target audience, you should choose the social networks. These should be the same social media, your target audience is active on. Some of the best networks for publishing videos are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

The best of the lot is LinkedIn as it is a B2B network where a lot of business owners and recruiters are extremely active. You will have a better chance of reaching your target audience. 

Publishing videos on your Instagram profile is also a good idea as you will reach more people here than on any other network. 

Come up with personas:

Make sure you come up with personas both for your target audience and your social media accounts. The persona for your target audience will make it easy for you to create content that speaks to them while your online persona will help you connect with your audience better. It is important that you stay rooted to this persona and not stray far from it. 

Share your expertise:

The next thing you need to do is share your expertise with your audience. If you want them to hire you, you need to show that you offer unique valuable information that will help their business. So, think about their pain points and offer solutions that will alleviate them. 

And make sure you create unique videos for each network or edit your videos for different social media. As publishing, the same video on each and every network won’t work. Different videos will do well on different ones. 

You might also want to try broadcasting live videos as they can help too. 

Form relationships:

The most important aspect of social media marketing is being social. So, make sure you do your best to form relationships with influencers, founders, recruiters, etc. Constantly reach out to them and share your videos via direct messaging. You should write a very personal message to show that you researched them and learned about their needs. 

These relationships will help you in the long run. When there is a job available in the future you will be one of the first people they reach out to. 

Watch everything you post:

Everything you say online will represent your brand. So, watch what you say. Don’t try and get too controversial here. Controversial topics can help your videos garner more attention, but they can have a negative effect. So, keep a close eye on what you say and even do in the offline world. Nowadays a lot of people are losing jobs because of something wrong they did online. 

Don’t get discouraged:

You won’t automatically get a job because you publish a couple of videos and reach out to a few people. This will take time. This is a long process and can take months. So, don’t get discouraged early on. 


This is the step by step process you should use to get get a job via social media video. Make sure you begin implementing what you learned today.

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