How You Can Help Improve Your Career Trajectory in Digital Marketing

Finding your niche in digital marketing might take some time. If you already have skills like being a proficient writer, then your path is likely set. The beauty of digital marketing is that you can have a number of skillsets that allow you to work in a variety of industries. Working at a digital marketing agency gives a person a great opportunity to work with larger budgets and create invaluable contacts. Other marketers would rather specialize in a specific type of business that interests them. A marketer with a legal background might want to land a job for a digital marketing agency for law firms. Below are additional tips to improve your career in digital marketing. 

Be Willing to Work Strange Hours 

Remote work is more common than ever before which means you could land a great job at an international company. Looking for marketing positions that require you to speak English abroad can allow you to get a great job. You could be working strange hours for this position but it will be worth it to list a top company on your resume. Marketers might have a rush project from a client that will solidify a client relationship for years to come. Marketers should be willing to pull long hours as they are required in order to hit deadlines. 

Always Keep Your Eye on Job Openings 

Your dream job is not going to wait until you are unemployed to open up. You need to keep a focus on the job market and what jobs are becoming available. Going from company to company is not advised but there could be an opportunity that you cannot pass up. A former athlete being able to help market for a professional sports league is a great example. Your dream job won’t always be the highest paying but rather the one you look forward to working daily. 

Freelance Opportunities Can Lead to Full-Time Jobs 

Most digital marketers have some form of side hustle whether it is writing a few articles a week or managing a small company’s social media accounts. You want to seek out gigs that could potentially land you a great job at a top marketing agency. Being able to apply for a job with the hiring team understanding you have worked well with the company in the past can be an advantage. Internal recommendations for employees can provide some of the top hires a company makes. 

Attend Digital Marketing Events/Conferences 

Digital marketing professionals might not meet with many clients physically due to different locations and schedules. Being able to meet with clients at least a few times a year is important. Building relationships with top digital marketing professionals can lead to job offers at international brands. Attending these conferences should be done carefully with  a list of people that you would like to speak with. Most digital marketing conferences are huge party events which is something to be aware of. You never want to be known as the person that drank too much at an event that is heavily attended. 

Continually Develop Skills 

The ability to develop skills as you are employed will make you more valuable to your employer. This will also make you a more attractive candidate to other companies. Too many marketers stop developing and get too comfortable. Skills need to be developed constantly as the industry seems to be continually changing. You may need to learn video editing, or even learn how to use the latest tools for creating social media animations.

As you can see, you will need a focus to climb the corporate ladder but it is possible.

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