James Brearley

James Brearley: A Philanthropist Creating a Difference

James Brearley is a successful executive in the automotive industry based in the United Kingdom and operating on a global scale. Over the course of his career, he has led many companies through tough times. Recently, he served as the UK CEO for Inchcape UK, a premium automotive retailer, distributor, and partner of luxury car brands. Despite the pandemic, James Brearley successfully implemented his five-year plan at the company and achieved phenomenal growth for the brand. Having accomplished his objectives, he has now set out in search of a new challenge. He has earned a reputation as a trustworthy leader and plans to focus his strengths on philanthropic efforts. 

James Brearley is a Trustee of a charity based in Solihull, United Kingdom, called Making a Difference. The charity has been providing help to those who need it for the past 24 years. Making A Difference continues to achieve its charitable objectives by maintaining zero overheads. This means that every penny donated by its generous sponsors goes to its beneficiaries and worthy causes. These donations are distributed largely in the West Midlands Region, from where James Brearley hails. It is an important form of giving back to the community, a value Brearley holds close. With his efforts alongside the other trustees, the charity has been able to raise 8.5 million in funds. 

The charity also organises a Christmas Extravaganza. The event is a one-of-a-kind Gala Dinner designed to be fun and entertaining. It has proved to be a great way of raising money for many of the organisation’s efforts. Similarly, the charity also participates in the London Marathon wherein its team members go through a trial of perseverance and endurance. In 2018, the Making A Difference team raised £20,000. The company has also granted wishes to children suffering from terminal illnesses such as leukaemia, for example, paying for trips to Disneyland. Additionally, the charity has helped several organisations including 3H Fund, Acorn’s Children’s Hospice, Chernobyl Children’s Project, West Midlands Disability Swimming, and Marie Curie Cancer Cure, to name a few. 

James Brearley is also a Founding Director of Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb plc. He has held this position for eighteen years on a part-time basis. Located in Worcestershire, Shelsley Walsh is the world’s oldest motorsport venue. Brearley has played a significant role in the refurbishment of the venue. After two decades of concerted efforts this venue, which is older than Monza or Le Mans, has now been restored to its former glory. It is known for its hill climb events which have been a continuous feature at the venue since 1905. 

Given his career in the automotive industry, it is fitting that James Brearley has been working with Shelsley Walsh. The club has devised a few creative ways of maintaining and retaining the venue. In 2004, the Yard of Tarmac helped raise sufficient funds that allowed the club to secure a 99-year lease of the track. The patrons of the club can also sponsor a paddock shed at the venue. Each sponsored shed receives a plaque commemorating the sponsor or the person to whom it is dedicated. James Brearley has contributed towards ensuring that a significant feature of motorsport history has been preserved. The event space is also available for event hire and has a bar, shop, and restaurant on site.  

Throughout his career, James Brearley has been entrusted with companies that are leaders in the automotive retail industry. He has continuously delivered and fulfilled his professional aspirations. More importantly, however, he has remained cognizant of his duties towards society. James Brearley’s philanthropy is a testament to his commitment to improving the community he lives and works in.

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