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Liu Qiangdong on 2020 Business Trends and JD Health

Every year business trends change and last year was no different. With the onslaught of COVID-19 challenges and restrictions, businesses had new hurdles to clear. JD Business CEO Liu Qiangdong three of the most distinctive changes from 2020.

Digitalization Becomes a Buzzword

Business is changing at light speed, exacerbated by a worldwide pandemic. In 2020, things shifted even faster with businesses moving more of their presence online. The biggest trend of 2020 became the fast-paced implementation of digitalization in order to weather the pandemic.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), more than half (67%) of the top 1,000 global companies and half of the top Chinese companies have been working on their digitalization transformation since 2018. But, past implementation was slow and COVID created the perfect storm for a mass digital migration for companies of all sizes and across all sectors.

COVID-19 disrupted traditional supply chains and a digital procurement management system was important for improving operations. In order to keep production on target, helped with SaaS installation that increased connections to resources and enabled digital procurement. Understanding the need for digitalization, JD continues to help clients gain increased access to industrial products through these software services.

Extensive Service Scope for Enterprise

Companies are facing the chaos of too many moving parts in a complex system. In order to condense their efforts into a more effective approach, they have to find places to combine services. Large companies have been the first to require integrated technology service solutions because they are spending too much to manage varying technologies.

Long-chain challenges can lead to slowdowns of production or gaps in the supply chain. JD Business is building solutions that offer integrated management to help streamline these processes. JD is also working on tools that will help simplify individual processes and provide a more diversified approach to things like ecommerce.

Devoted, Long-Term Support

Companies are dealing with complex technology and unfamiliar territories due to growth and the onslaught of the pandemic. During 2020, JD Business saw a shift in companies wanting more committed providers who would be there for the whole ride. Companies were putting a lot of importance on customer support and communication.

Not only has been able to offer this kind of “big picture” support, they’ve helped their clients offer it as well. In some cases, JD was able to go above and beyond to help clients trim down fulfillment times and improve their own customer support processes. JD offers a unique aspect of ecommerce when it helps provide storage and delivery services.

Entering 2021, it’s impossible not to start projecting what the year will bring or which trends will rise to the top. Regardless of the newest buzzword or service demand, Liu Qiangdong believes these three trends will be around for quite some time.

About JD Business and Liu Qiangdong

JD Business is the largest online retailer and offers customers incredible service. The company provides products to over 441 million active customers through the largest fulfillment infrastructures in the world. JD goes beyond small products as the only ecommerce platform to offer warehousing, cold chain delivery, climate-controlled storage, logistics and crowdsourcing services.

As CEO of JD Business, Liu Qiangdong continues to help the company expand and grow across Thailand, Southeast Asia, Europe, and beyond. He started at the herbal supplement giant Japan Life, becoming Director of Computers and Service. Liu Qiangdong saw the clear march of business toward digitization and started Jindong (JD). Through his new company, he eliminated the intense overhead of retail space and sold goods through e-commerce.

Today, JD provides the largest fleet of delivery drones and sends out an incredible number of foods throughout China and neighboring countries. Every aspect of JD has been painstakingly thought out by Liu Qiangdong.

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