Zoom Interview Tips Every Professional Needs to Know

If you’ve paid any attention to the world outside in 2020, you’ve no doubt noticed quite a few huge (and terrifying!) changes. From COVID-19 and social unrest to economic issues, people have spent more time at home than ever before. As a result of strict quarantine measures, in particular, many employers and potential employees are resorting to Zoom to perform job interviews.

Zoom is a video messaging platform that has risen in popularity over the past year. As a haven for potential job interviews, it is a good idea to learn how to best use the platform for success. In today’s discussion, we are going to explore a few key tips that we can engage with while using Zoom to help dominate our next interview. 

Of course, you’ll need to prep beforehand by researching the company you’re interviewing for as well as learning both common and thought-provoking interview questions you may be asked. After you’ve done that, read on for guidance about preparing for your Zoom interview.

Zoom Interview Tips You NEED To Know

There is nothing less natural than sitting before a webcam in your bedroom to perform a job interview, so the odds are good that you are already off your game when a potential employer asks for a Zoom interview. Fortunately, there are plenty of methods we can employ to find success in our next interview.

1) Be Ready For the Mute Button – You are in control of what your potential employer hears, so be ready to use the mute button when necessary. Typically, we like to mute our audio whenever loud or disruptive sounds can be heard in the immediate environment. You can also mute yourself when your employer is talking, thus helping you to nail the interview before you. Your potential employer will enjoy having your complete focus while they are speaking.

2) Use Proper Lighting/Backdrops – Don’t leave your messy bedroom as the backdrop for your interview. Relocate your computer/webcam to a well-lit area where you can have better control over the lighting. Create a calm and well-lit experience for your employer by choosing a less noisy backdrop for your interview. If you want to get creative, consider setting up a green screen to create a more professional-looking background. In a pinch, merely set up in front of a blank wall or somewhere with a couple of nice decorations.

3) Speak to the Camera – While it may feel completely abnormal to direct your attention to the lens of your webcam, it is also necessary. By directing your eyes to the webcam, your interviewer will see you meeting their eyes on their screen. This connection allows you to create a better impression. Take some time to practice before going live for your interview if you are worried.

4) Silence Your Distractions – Turn off the volume on your phone as well as any disruptions your computer might create during the interview. We want as calm and focused of an experience as possible so that our words carry more weight than our distractions.

Interviews are just interviews, so don’t be afraid of performing one over Zoom. Use our tips combined with your own natural tendencies to create the ultimate interview experience. With a bit of luck, your next interview could be your best interview.

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