Software Marketing Mistakes That Can Hold Back Your Growth

One mistake can have catastrophic repercussions in software marketing – this is particularly true of marketing automation tools.

Understanding their target market, their challenges, goals and budget is vitally important to software companies looking to attract traffic and leads. By understanding all aspects of the target market they can develop an effective plan to attract them and grow business.

1. Not Investing Enough

Making sure your software marketing strategy is effective is essential to growing your software company, but making mistakes when starting out can put a crimp in its progress.

One key mistake can be failing to invest enough in software marketing efforts, which may result in insufficient leads and conversions and strain on your marketing team. It could also cause them to be overburdened.

Hiring generalists as marketing managers is another common mistake, as it’s hard for generalists to keep up with all of Martech’s platforms and tools. Instead, it would be beneficial for your marketing to hire specialists for specific parts of the marketing funnel such as lead generation rather than email marketing or vice versa.

2. Not Having a Content Strategy

Content strategies provide the framework that guides the creation and dissemination of various tactics, including copywriting and editing, video production, infographic design, social media posts and posting. A content strategy also ensures that every piece of content serves and serves its legitimate purpose.

An effective content strategy defines who and what your goal is when creating and publishing content, including any channels you plan to distribute it across. A content strategy should remain flexible as changes to your business or industry may necessitate changes to this plan.

Setting clear goals makes creating high-quality content that drives digital leads easier, and helps identify what’s working/not working so adjustments can be made accordingly, which in turn leads to increased revenue.

3. Not Having a Strong Onboarding Strategy

Software marketing can be challenging for startups. With a plan and appropriate tools in place, however, the experience can be rewarding and straightforward.

Effective onboarding processes are critical to ensuring your new hires’ success and engagement in their jobs. Studies show that employees who experience poor onboarding processes are twice as likely to look elsewhere for employment, costing the company anywhere between 50%-200% of the employee’s salary with each resignation.

Instead of considering onboarding as a one-off event, offer new hires an integrated onboarding journey consisting of regular check-ins and developmental experiences throughout their first year in their roles. This will help them feel secure within them roles while developing essential skills necessary for success.

4. Not Having a Strong Website

Failing to create a robust website is one of the biggest mistakes software and tech companies make. Although visual appeal plays an integral part in branding their products and services, business branding ultimately depends more heavily on factors like efficacy of products/services offered, pricing structures, ease of use, messaging strategies, content marketing initiatives and customer service activities than on website quality alone.

At the center of a strong website is its purpose – whether that is selling goods and services online, supporting social causes or simply inspiring your target audience. Avoid using terminology only you and your competitors may understand such as “solution”, “extranet”, “digital transformation”, ecosystem” and workflow”, and instead direct it toward action to see results more quickly.

5. Not Having a Strong Email Marketing Strategy

Software marketing can be an overwhelming challenge, but there are ways you can simplify the task. One such method is developing an email marketing strategy with free trials available and compliant emails; you could also use social media channels such as LinkedIn to increase brand recognition and drive traffic to your website. By following these tips you’ll ensure your software marketing plan will be top-notch!

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