Top 4 Tech Careers For Students

An IT career offers prestige, competitive salary and exciting prospects. Starting out early can help identify areas of interest while giving valuable work experience that will impress future employers. Working at an early age in IT could give your resume an advantage over peers that started later.

IT professionals are in high demand across industries. A degree can open doors to careers as PC technicians, web developers, database engineers and (with further credentials) cybersecurity specialists.

Drone Development

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, have become an invaluable asset in many fields in recent years. From aiding search-and-rescue efforts after natural disasters to providing law enforcement with aerial views during terrorist incidents or making it possible for filmmakers to capture aerial footage in hard-to-reach areas – drone technology like aerial stabilization has become an indispensable component of modern society.

Commercial applications of drones have long been a target of venture capital investment, due to their ability to replace labor intensive parts of business operations, saving both money and increasing efficiency. Drones provide one way that this can occur.

Companies such as Zipline have begun using drones to transport essential supplies like blood and vaccines to remote villages across Africa where transportation presents difficulties. Drone delivery is much faster and more effective than its current method; plus these acrobatic creatures come in various sizes to carry different sized payloads.

Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineering is the ideal career option for students who enjoy machines and electronics. This field combines mechanical, electrical and software engineering disciplines. A robotics engineer may participate in every phase of development from design and testing through to deployment.

Engineers may work for private corporations or the government – including military. Some research focuses on increasing robotic dexterity and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Robotics engineers can typically be found working on manufacturing lines producing automobiles, electronics devices and appliances. Additionally, these engineers may be found working at research facilities where they develop new technologies.

Robotics engineering requires advanced math skills in order to design and test robots, as well as use of CAD programs and other specialized software programs to construct them. Furthermore, robotics engineers spend significant time creating mechanical parts and components for larger robots being created.

Drone Pilot

Being a drone pilot can be one of the highest-paying drone careers. These UAV professionals capture aerial photos and videos, conduct crop mapping, inspect disaster relief logistics, monitor for compliance issues and conduct other drone duties such as inspections. Furthermore, they work closely with other industry professionals such as photographers and surveyors while possessing strong decision making abilities.

Drone piloting careers are available across a range of industries, such as real estate, journalism and energy. Drone aviators typically earn on average an annual income of $78,110 depending on which sector they work within.

These in-demand drone jobs include power line and cell tower inspections, oil pipeline and gas pipeline inspections, bridge and building inspection jobs and roof inspections. Drone operators also find employment with search and rescue operations as well as law enforcement agencies; additionally they add unique perspectives to filmmaking shots!

Cyber Security Specialist

Cybersecurity specialists protect computer systems from cyberattacks and vulnerabilities. Their duties may include responding to reported incidents, conducting audits of hardware and software security risks, suggesting solutions to company decision makers, working overtime to stop new threats quickly, as well as attending professional training outside regular working hours.

Cyber security is an emerging field and both school leavers and recent graduates can find entry-level opportunities within it. Ideal qualifications for such a job would include having a degree in IT, extensive technical knowledge of IT systems and strong research abilities.

As it’s vitally important for anyone entering cybersecurity to know the language of their industry – becoming familiar with all the terminology and acronyms used by cybersecurity specialists will make communicating your skill set to potential employers much simpler. Finally, look out for meetups or groups dedicated to cybersecurity so that you can establish yourself within this field.

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