Top 8 Resources for Starting Your Own Eyelash Extension Business

Are you new to the business world of eyelashes? If you are, you should be aware of everything there is to know about choosing the top eyelash producers and how to launch your own lash business. 

Why Purchase From Wholesale Manufacturers of Eyelashes?

When you purchase eyelashes retail, the retailer wants to make a profit on each item. In addition, every set of eyelash extensions bears the seller’s logo. On the other hand, a wholesale eyelash provider can make your own special style of eyelash extensions for a very inexpensive cost.

There are tens of thousands of eyelash manufacturers worldwide. However, you don’t want to choose just any manufacturer. What you want are wholesale eyelash manufacturers you can rely on to provide high-quality products for your new business. 

Here are some of the top wholesalers of eyelashes:

1. Hollyren 

Holly Ren, one of the eyelash producers with a base in China, provides cluster lashes, strip eyelashes, silk false lashes, real mink lashes, eyelash extension tools, and eyelash glues. Holly Ren, a supplier with more than 1,000 eyelash extension varieties, has a solid 10-year track record.

2. Luxury Mink Eyelashes

Luxury Mink Eyelash company specializes in 3D Korean Silk Lashes and sells 3D Real Mink and Faux Lashes. Magnetic eyeliner and lashes are available if you would rather not use adhesive with your lash brand items. Luxury mink eyelashes export to the United States, Korea, Canada, and Australia as well, with over 500 different eyelash extension designs.

3. World Beauty Eyelashes

In addition to many kinds of eyelash extensions, World Beauty lashes wholesale also provides Mink lashes, False Strip Lashes, and Lash and Brow Tools. Easy Fan Blooming and Self-Apply Lash Extensions are among the pre-made fan eyelash extensions that they offer. World Beauty has been a wholesaler for over 12 years.

4. Miranda Lashes

Miranda Lashes, a company known for its luxurious mink lashes, also offers 3D Silk, 3D Mink,  Horse Hair, and even Human Hair Lashes. They provide one of the broadest selections of eyelash extensions. These include styles made of fox fur, sable fur, mink fur, and invisible band lashes. A wide range of lash extension accessories are also available at Miranda Lashes Wholesale.

5. 3D Mink Eyelashes

This 3D Mink Eyelash business is well-known for its Xizi lashes. However, it also carries collections of strip lashes. There are several packages available for lash extension consumers. These range from the simple fan volume lash to the premium volume, premium flat, premium classic, and premium color lash. The same website sells tools for eyelash extensions, from tweezers to adhesives and applicators.

6. Garnier Eyelashes

Garnier Lashes specializes in Mink Lashes and accepts bespoke orders. The Chinese eyelash manufacturer also sells eyelash accessories like tweezers and adhesives. Garnier Lashes also offers packaging for individual eyelashes. In addition, they provide sample packs that cost $83.50 and include basic eyelash extensions. 

7.  Emeda Eyelashes

You can choose from a wide range of alternatives, including Mink Eyelashes, Blooming Volume Lash, Magnetic Eyeliner, 3D Mink Lashes, Horse Lashes, Magnetic Lashes, and Feather eyelashes. Emeda has been in the eyelash production business for more than 19 years.

8. Dolvlashes 

Dolvlashes is a reputable lash supplier from China and one of the best eyelash producers able to meet all of your needs. Core eyelash extensions include magnetic, synthetic, 3D real mink, and 3D faux mink. Their unique lash assortment also includes hand-painted lash extensions.

Popular Eyelash Types And Styles

When choosing the lash extension style and kind that will represent your brand, you must know what you are looking for. Therefore, you must understand the type of eyelash extensions you wish to provide to make your company stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the top eyelash types to choose from:

Mink Eyelashes

Mink eyelashes are lightweight, thick, and luxuriously velvety since they are made of mink hair. False lashes made of mink are appropriate for practically all eye shapes and come in various lengths and curls. However, you may achieve the same look with faux 3D mink lashes.

 3d Faux Mink Lashes

It becomes 3D when three extensions are applied over the natural lashes rather than just one. 3D faux mink lashes are economical, durable, and create a natural effect. It gives your lashes a luscious, full appearance.

Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic lashes are one of the most widely used lash extension types that are also reusable. They are easy to use and don’t need glue. Magnetic lashes are enjoyable as well and are especially beneficial for people who are allergic to lash glue.

Synthetic Eyelashes

Synthetic eyelashes may be shiny and lustrous, but they don’t quite compare to real ones. In addition, long-term wear is difficult and uncomfortable with them. Among lash artists, 3D synthetic lashes are extremely popular.

Doll Lashes

Doll lashes are suitable for various eye shapes since they include a thick cluster of artificial lashes in the center of the eye. However, you will want something better if you’re personalizing your lashes.

Custom Eyelashes

Additionally, you can have custom-made eyelashes. The cases can even be branded with your company’s emblem. 

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