Top Financing Options for Small Business Acquisition

This is for anyone seeking local companies for sale or purchase loans. Relax! Even without millions in the cash, you can acquire your own business. Avana Capital can help you through this process!

Most individuals assume the only method to fund a large business acquisition is to borrow the whole purchase price from a bank. 

There are creative alternatives to fund a business acquisition without a bank loan. 

#1 Seller Note 

Many business owners searching for a buyer may finance a portion or all of the acquisition price themselves. 

The most usual approach to structure such a deal is for the company seller to offer the buyer a loan (known as a seller note or take-back financing), which the buyer pays back in monthly instalments similar to a bank loan. 

The buyer and seller will form a note or loan agreement that defines payments and terms like a bank loan. 

The company purchase seller note financing will include a number of payments, interest rate, default clauses, and other restrictions to protect the buyer and seller. 

#2 Commission or performance-based seller financing 

If the seller quits the firm soon after the sale, the buyer might pay the prior owner or current seller a fee on the agreed-upon purchase price based on revenue, profits, or cash flow over time. 

This is distinct from a seller note, when the buyer agrees to reimburse the seller of the business over time and regards the financing as a loan. 

Buyers prefer commissions or performance financing over seller notes since there is no legal obligation to pay a predetermined cash amount over time. 

If arranged properly, both sides can win and clear the debts for the purchase price more rapidly, especially if the buyer can raise sales and cash flow faster than the present owner. 

This is prevalent in professional services and other underperforming firms where the existing owner isn’t operating the business as effectively and successfully as another owner or acquirer might. 

#3 Private investors 

Private investors used to provide stock or financing to business acquisitions. 

If you can’t get standard bank financing to acquire the firm, you can bring in outside investors to buy shares or debt. 

Many entrepreneurs have departed from investment banking and private equity firms to start tiny funds to identify and execute acquisitions. 

Private investors’ hunger for business acquisition is growing dramatically as stock markets, venture capital markets, and small enterprises thrive. If you know affluent people who can fund your business purchase with equity, you can use OPM to acquire your first business. 

#4: Bank loans 

We urge entrepreneurs to create contacts with local bankers so they can get loans and credit when they begin or buy their next firm. 

While every bank has varied appetites for business acquisitions and specializations, a well-researched purchase in a strong, rising industry has a good chance of getting funded by a typical bank. 

Company lines of credit, personal lines of credit, home equity lines of credit, commercial term loans, equipment financing, and SBA loans are utilized for business acquisitions. 

SBA loans are popular and advantageous. SBA loans provide up to 10-year durations for business acquisition and working capital loans. 


This post should help you fund your next company acquisition. 

If you’re motivated and have found a strong company acquisition opportunity in an industry you know well and can thrive in, you should be able to construct an offer that meets the seller’s aims and your own.

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