Top Resume Tips to Help You Stand Out From the Crowd

Do you know what happens to the majority of resumes you send to recruiters? They eventually end up in the trash. That is why you are not receiving the interview calls you anticipate. How can you avoid this — and how can you make your resume stand out and increase your chances of getting an interview? Best Companies has some great tips here to help.

If you can make your resume interesting and stand out from the crowd, you will be more likely to achieve your goal of receiving more interview calls. Most resumes are monotonous because they use the same format and style. Is there a way to spruce up a dull resume and make it more appealing to recruiters? How can you make your resume stand out from the crowd? 

If you want to be unique, you must be willing to take some risks. 

The next time you apply for a job, you must first and foremost do the following: Concentrate on the Job Title You’re Applying For. 

How do you go about doing that? 

You can accomplish this by including some descriptive words in your job title. Make it interesting, and it will stand out. Recruiters frequently scan your resume for only a few seconds. So you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression — and your resume title can help you do that. Your resume title can get that all-important first glance and pique recruiters’ interest. 

Here’s an example to help you understand this concept better… 

Instead of “Game Developer” why not “Game Developer for ABC Corporation,” if the ABC corporation is well-known? You can also put “Game Developer with 5 Years Experience,” “Game Developer with Animation Background,” or “Game Developer with HTML Skills” in your resume. They may only be a few words, but they are the words that recruiters will remember. Including those words in your resume title can help you. 

Here are a few more examples: 

Instead of “Internet Marketer,” why not “Internet Marketer with AdWords Certification” on your resume? 

Instead of “Logistics Manager,” why not “Logistics Manager with Project Management Experience” on your resume? 

What makes it work? 

This appears to be a minor trick…but it works. It works because it allows recruiters to see something that the other hundreds of candidates do not. It demonstrates that you are unique, different, and proactive, which recruiters value. Demonstrate your genuine interest in the position, and recruiters will contact you for an interview. 

It is advantageous to write about your experience and expertise without requiring recruiters to read the entire resume. It saves recruiters time and speeds up the screening process. And who doesn’t want to work less and get things done faster? 


So, the next time you send in your resume for a job, tailor it to the job and search. In the resume title, look for and use attention-grabbing and important words. You’ll notice a difference after a few tries. Recruiters will notice the difference as well, improving and increasing your chances of landing that coveted job interview.

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