What Are the Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for an E-Commerce Business?

Even though we are living in the digital age, there are still challenges for businesses, when they try to set up e-commerce websites. Due to the advent of the Internet, there is a massive amount of competition out there, and customers literally have many millions of different shopping options to choose from. It’s not easy for businesses, but for customers, it is a perfect situation. They can do all of their shopping online, they can check prices at the click of a mouse, they can compare different products from so many different stores, and they might pick what they want, before they even get an opportunity to look at your website.

The only way to ensure that your e-commerce business is a success, is to embrace the future now with SEO by Move Ahead Media, and try to come up with different digital marketing strategies, that will allow you to capture some of this massive consumer market. The following are some of the things that you can do.

  1. Increase product visualisation – Customers now, expect a lot more when they surf the Internet to buy a particular product or service. They want to be able to see the item from all angles, and so using tools that allow your customers to zoom in, to rotate the product, and to just have a better overall look, is the way ahead. In many cases, consumers don’t want to read about the product, they just want to see it, before they make their buying decision.
  • Add video – If you take a short video of a product that you are trying to sell, then this gives the vast majority of potential customers and your existing client base, the peace of mind that they need, to make a buying decision. If, for example, they are buying a kitchen appliance, then if you show the item cutting things up, or cooking things, then this allows the customer to see what it really does, and justify to themselves why they need this item.
  • Offer flexible delivery – When customers shop online, they sometimes have to cancel the purchase, because the delivery options are very limited. Almost 50% of customers leave their online shopping cart, because they can’t find a delivery method, that suits their needs, or there aren’t specific rights and conditions to meet their demands. This is why as a business, you need to try to come up with a way to deliver the item to the customer, but without it affecting your profit margin too much. You need to make the checkout process easy to understand, and easy to follow. They have already made a decision, so don’t make it harder for them.

These are only a few of the things that you can do to improve upon your e-commerce business. Making your website smart phone friendly, so that customers can shop on the move, is a very smart thing to do. Not everyone does their shopping from their home PC, or their laptop. It’s all about personalising the user’s experience, and creating value for them. If you understand your customers better, then you can predict what they want, and where they are.

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