How To Create A Firm Client Base With Sal Shakir

Sal Shakir is a serial entrepreneur and a real estate investor who has managed to establish and run twenty-six unique businesses. He is the owner of ALL IN Entrepreneurs, Offerkey, and national cash offer, to mention but a few. What a privilege to learn from the expert, isn’t it?

A thirty-one-year-old go-getter has achieved significant milestones from a humble beginning. Having a zero-hour school, Sal engaged himself in offering a dry cleaning service. Slowly, he shifted to become an assistant AC Tech before delving into the painting business. Mr. Shakir later got training from the US Army to help understand the culture and survive in a hustle environment by simulated towns and PIRO experts (it is called rotation). As a side hustle, he  bought auctioned cars for resale, which resulted in him opening up a car retail shop in the year 2013. Having formed a firm support base, Shakir penetrated the real estate market. 

What triggers his zeal to entrepreneurial growth ?

Improving Your Quality Output

We all need each other to survive in a harsh environment. We are living in a challenging environment. To create robust trails, we need to get the exact match of product to that worthy client in the first place. You may need to consider termination of a relationship with clients who are not worth it, fire them.

Go ahead and implement what you learn. Sieve out worth clients from your cold-pitching, social media, cold calls, and so on. The following information is, therefore, critical to consider. 

Deliver What Your Value Proposition Entails

You approach clients with a specific intention, to offer that service the client is lacking. Remember, you are not offering sympathetic or friendliness service as these don’t pay your bills. Trust your instincts, even when your clients are your relatives, give the best high-quality service without fear or favor.

 Never underestimate the small details that may create negative publicity for your business. Make use of the new client acquisition to expand your network base while tapping on the referral funnel. 

Get A Notch Higher

You may have come across clients who are focused on getting valuable products irrespective of pricing and costs incurred. The secret to getting high valued clients is your zeal in going beyond expectations. Concerning these sentiments, what sells you out there is the delivery of quality output. 

Some of the ways you can go beyond clients’ expectations include; Constantly improving your outputs ( How your production looks like today should be better than how it was last year, for instance). Always consider the end-user in mind, not the client. Such a mindset will catapult you’re improving the output for end users. Always be punctual. Send the production before the agreed time. Clients are still pissed off with lateness. At the back of your mind, create a trigger to keep you to your feet in the competitive environment. 

Sort Out Your Revenue Needs

 Everything comes with a cost. It is essential to work towards establishing a firm revenue base to develop a firm base for your business. The acquisition of crucial products and services always has a cost tagged. Work out your financial needs and match with the available resources at hand. 

In cases where you may perceive some deficiency, it will be essential to evaluate available funds to fill the gap. You may require to initiate the conversation with angel investors, peer to peer lenders Venture 

Capitalists, personal investors, grant financiers, banks, and private entities. Be cautious to check out hidden costs that may be substantially costly in the long run. Bottom line: always stick to your plan and budgets while creating flexibility in case of contingencies.

In Summary,

Sal Shakir advises on a piecemeal approach when it comes to entrepreneurship. You may have great ideas and incredible solutions to the need but poor rollout and implementation. Therefore creating a strategic approach to tackling the market is essential. 

For experts’ advisable approach, Sal Shakir has created a platform to reach out-. Check out his website and social media platforms, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. You can as well write through his email

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