Why Leo Olsen Believes the Social Media Consultancy is not for Everyone

Social media continues to take a central role in business growth across the world. Social media consultants should be resourceful and influential as they guide many processes that lead to conversion and revenue growth. The business space is littered with many persons claiming to be social media consultants. What skill is required for one to be considered a successful social media consultant? 

Leo Olsen started his career at a tender age. By the time he was 19 years old, he had established a marketing company, Mastermind.com. Leo became a millionaire at 20 years of age and is now offering technical expertise to support businesses and brands growth using social media. He shares insight into some of the skills that are necessary to succeed as a social media consultant.

  1. Strategy 

Some business owners often feel that they can easily manage their social media accounts without a consultant’s help. A closer look at brands’ identity and reputation and the traffic to these sites receive when managed by competent consultants makes all the difference. Social media consultants are primarily strategy advisors and subject matter experts who help clients develop a winning social media strategy, improve their brand reputation, and increase revenue. Social media consultants are good at analysis. They can analyze data on brand statistics to deduce trends and patterns that inform the strategy. 

Consistent message 

It is crucial to ensure harmony in the messages and information relayed along the sales funnel. Besides, information from emails, twitter, Facebook, or any social media account at every level of a sales funnel need to be in sync with the sales goals. As a consultant, your role is to help with content integration and ultimately ensures consistency for the messages that the target audience receives. 

In-depth understanding of the brand 

A social media consultant is often up to date with social media best practices and technologies. They interact with the brand and gain insight as to what makes it tick. Combined with a good grasp of the sales process, a consultant can offer advice on what is working just right or what is not for the particular brand. The consultant further provided an unbiased assessment of the brand’s marketing strategy and made recommendations for further improvement. The consultant can offer realistic advice to the clients based on the brand appraisal of the marketing strategies. 

Experience with social media 

Experience with a widely used social media platform is a plus for one to succeed as a professional social media consultant. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, email, among others, are some of the social media platforms that a prospecting consultant needs to have had an extensive engagement. Social media consultants are ordinarily social media users. They are updated with the latest news, trend, and pattern of the platform. Leo Olsen is an ardent social media user, who knows the ins and outs of social marketing. 

Understanding social media Policy 

Social media follows a set of rules, regulations, and policies. A consultant role is to ensure that such policies are available and are adhered to by employers and employees. The consultant should also be able to teach the tactics that achieve the best outcomes for the various social media campaigns.

Passion with one’s work. 

A social media consultant should, besides the technical skill, be passionate about what he or she does. Leo Olsen believes that passion is a key ingredient for success as a consultant in social media. Experience and passion propel one to be a trendsetter whose opinion can be trusted, relied on, and can transform the business into profit-making ventures. Passion inspires action and transformation of business. These consultants are creative as they oversee content creators’ work to see how the content fits with the various social media platforms. 


A consultant works with diverse teams that include copywriters and designers to ensure content is right and appealing. The consultant interacts with the sales and marketing team, as well as the brand development team. He or she must, therefore, have essential interpersonal skills as well as team-building ability. He must be open to suggestions, feedback, and even criticisms, compliments, and complaints. 

Leo Olsen is your go to consultant for your business growth. Reach him here to learn about his work. 

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