Covid 19 Job Loss – How You Can Combat Lost Hours

Millions of people around the world have left their offices – their carefully organized desks, rustling photocopiers, fluorescent lights, water machines – after their governments ordered employees to start working from home.

This measure is just one of many that are trying to stop the spread of the new Coronavirus. Workers are thought to be safer while working in isolation on their premises, and that leaving overcrowded offices could slow the spread of Covid-19.

However, indicators show that unemployment rates reached the highest level, which is higher than when it was the Great Depression in April. As a logical result, claims for unemployment benefits raised dramatically.

Many surveys found that around 24 percent of respondents said they lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Most of these income or job losses were due to reduced work hours or being furloughed.

However, income losses and job losses were not experienced equally. Young individuals (between the ages of 18 and 25) and Hispanics had the highest rates of job loss and income loss when compared to other ethnic/racial groups.

Income and job losses related to COVID-19 affecting the ability of households to make ends meet? It is best reflected in several different types of economic hardship, such as putting off medical care, difficulty paying for housing and bills, filing prescriptions, experiencing food insecurity, and the like.

The pandemic certainly had a great impact on domestic works all around the world. As the number of those infected grows, and so does fear, many governments have introduced various measures such as physically distancing and adopting either full or partial lockdown measures.

As this current crisis is difficult for both employees and employers, an employment solicitor can be found as the only real solution and response to the current situation.

These uncertain times for all employees due to Covid-19 can be partially overcome through with the help of an employment solicitor who will assist you with any employment law queries like:

Remote Working

As we mentioned above, a huge number of office works had to switch to work from their home during a pandemic. As an employer, if you have any questions or concerns in regard to insurance, liability, or contract changes, don’t hesitate to contact the employment solicitor.

Self-Isolation Payment

When employees are advised to self-isolate for several weeks by a medical profession, they can apply for illness benefit payment. To get this payment, a person must be confined to their home.

Health and Safety

Exposure to the new Covid-19 is a huge safety and health risk to every workplace. So far many, of the non essential retail businesses, clubs, markets, gyms, libraries, salons, betting offices have been ordered to close their shops temporarily while hotels are still allowed to remain open, but of course, with limited occupancy. If you are unsure what these new policies mean and how it affects you, the employment solicitor will explain everything to you in detail.

Final Words

Employment solicitors can help you in any of your queries about employment law and support you in the best possible way through these difficult moments. The pandemic so far had many implications, including contractual and economic issues, and in order to be up to date and know what is going on in these confusing moments, do not hesitate to seek professional help!

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