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The Nurse Coach Collective is all about helping nurses transform their lives and the lives of their patients. Nurses are more overworked than ever before. Nurses are being driven into the ground by the modern healthcare system. We get it. We are nurses ourselves. That’s what makes us qualified in telling you, “we understand.” This is why we sought to figure out a way to make a change for the better. We wanted to find a way that nurses could help their patients and themselves at the same time. That’s where we came across holistic nursing. 

Holistic nursing is the better way to go about nursing. One of the biggest downfalls of modern medicine is the inherent focus on managing symptoms. When a patient comes to you, it’s best to get to the root cause of the symptoms. Only then can the patient truly heal. Unfortunately, the modern healthcare system doesn’t do that. It encourages and pretty much forces nurses to manage the symptoms of their patients and do nothing more. This only ends with their patients having to come back again and again. We knew there had to be a better way and that way is through holistic nursing. When you take a whole-body approach to healing, the patient can truly get better.

We have been helping Registered Nurses become transformative nurse coaches. We are prideful in our work and we believe that it’s the better way forward for a lot of nurses. We know how hard nurses work and we know how much passion a nurse needs to have to make it. Here at the Nurse Coach Collective, we make it easy to transition from a traditional nursing career to one in the holistic nursing specialty to become a nurse health coach

Why The Nurse Coach Collective? 

– We Are Nurses, Too

We have developed a comprehensive training program for nurses just like you. How did we do it? Well, we are nurses too. This allowed us to create an optimized program that is tailored to the needs of nurses all across the country. We’ve developed a program that helps you leverage your existing knowledge and skills to learn what you need to know to become an effective nurse health coach. Being nurses ourselves gives us the advantage to ensure that the program is well-optimized for nurses like yourself. We know how to take you from a traditional nurse to a nurse health coach.

– We Offer All Of The Resources You Need

The entire process is personalized. This means that you will get all of the resources you need to succeed. We know how important it is to get everything you need to succeed. We have put together a lot of free resources that you can use on your journey. Not only that, but you will get access to a dedicated instructor and you will have access to our valuable community full of innovative nurses to assist. 

– Free Application Call

If you aren’t necessarily certain that you want to get into nurse coaching, no worries. You can schedule a free no-obligation phone call with one of our nurses. That way, you can ask all of the questions you need. This can give you all of the information you need to make a more informed decision. 

– It’s Online

Here at The Nurse Coach Collective, we know that you don’t have much time on your hands. After all, you are a Registered Nurse. You are likely working long shifts with long hours. We have made it easier than ever before to get board certified to work as a nurse health coach without having to learn in person. We know that your time is valuable. We’ve developed an extremely flexible online training program that can streamline the entire process to get you board-certified at the end of it. It’s a 7-month online training program and it will take you from start to finish.

– We’ve Got The Reviews

You can check out all of the positive reviews and testimonials that we’ve accumulated over the past years. We have been helping a lot of nurses like yourself make the change they needed for their careers. Whether you are looking to get into holistic nursing for yourself or to do more for your patients, it can bring you the kind of career change you might need. We have plenty of reviews backing our efforts. We are proud to be so highly rated by our previous nursing students. We strive for perfection with our training program and we are constantly taking their feedback to make our program even better. 

If you are ready to make a change in your career, you can join The Nurse Coach Collective today. We offer two different start dates. It’s one of the best investments you can make in your career and life if you are a burnt-out Registered Nurse looking for a change. Let us help you like the many other nurses that have gone through our training program. Being a nurse health coach could be the change that you are looking for.

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