Start Your Career As A Holistic Nurse Today

An increasing number of nurses are moving toward nurse health coaching. They are learning about the many benefits of becoming a nurse health coach and how this nursing specialty is much more rewarding than traditional nursing.

The Problems With Traditional Nursing

Sadly, hard-working nurses often have to put up with the ineffectiveness and inefficiencies of conventional medicine. They often have to work under the strict protocols of their employer, thus giving up their ability to do more for the patient. They are instructed to just help patients with their symptoms instead of actually supporting their patients in improving their quality of life.

Why Is Conventional Nursing Problematic?

Nursing is not a glamorous profession. It is hard work, and you have to truly want to help others if you want to succeed in your career. It requires a lot of effort to care for other people. It is your passion for helping others that motivates you to work long hours and sometimes to make sacrifices. If you do not have that passion for helping others, you will not like your job at all.

Why Is Being A Nurse Coach A Better Way? 

A nurse coach has more freedom to help patients in the best way possible. The main goal of the nurse coach is to be the patient’s advocate for their well-being. They help patients design treatment plans, figure out what changes they need to make in their lifestyle for better health, and much more. Being able to make a positive difference in the patient’s approach to living is much more effective than just assisting them with managing symptoms.

How To Become A Nurse Coach

In order to become a board-certified nurse coach, you have to complete a nurse coach certificate program. The Nurse Coach Collective simplifies the process of becoming a holistic nurse, so it is not difficult to do. The program is comprehensive and convenient to go through.

Here are reasons why learning to become a holistic nurse through our Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program is the ideal approach:

1) The Programs Covers Everything You Need to Learn

The wonderful thing about this program is that it teaches you everything that you need to know to start your career journey as a holistic nurse. The certificate program is seven months long. You will have a dedicated instructor, live support calls, and a vibrant community of passionate nurses like you.

2) The Program is Entirely Online

Your busy work schedule probably does not give you much time to attend classes in person. Chances are, you plan to keep working as you earn your certificate. The Nurse Coach Collective recognizes that its students require flexibility in completing the certificate program, so it is designed to be flexible. The 7-month program can be done anywhere, at any time. You go through the online course when you are not working. You can work around your family obligations. This program is super flexible and is designed for your success.

3) You Will Be Board Certified

Not all health coaches are certified. To earn the trust of your patients, it is important that they know that you have received proper training. To qualify for a holistic nurse certification, you must be an active registered nurse and complete the program. When you finish the program, you receive a board certification with which you can reassure your patients.

4) The Program Is Designed By Nurses For Nurses

A big problem with many certification programs is that they are often designed by people who have never worked in the profession. They are clueless as to the real life in the trenches. This certification program is completely designed by nurses for nurses. You will receive comprehensive and relevant training that will lead you to become an effective board-certified nurse.

5) You Will Be In A Community of Registered Nurse With The Same Type of Passion

Being a nurse is sometimes a lonely job. When you sign up with the Nurse Coach Collective, you will join a vibrant community of registered nurses who have the same type of passion that you have for helping people. You will have a big support network of nursing peers who will be part of the emerging movement of holistic nursing. You will receive the support and motivation that will propel you in your new career.

There is never any doubt that nurses play a critical role in a multi-faceted and ever-evolving healthcare industry. Join the increasing number of nurses who have chosen to take a more active role in improving the lives of their patients. Rekindle that fire that you once had when you first decided to become a nurse and take your career to the next level by becoming a holistic nurse. The Transformative Nurse Coaching Certificate Program from The Nurse Coach Collective is just what you need to start your exciting journey of becoming a holistic nurse.

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