Having A Career Coach Can Separate You From All Other Applicants

Have you ever wanted to get something accomplished and felt that time just slipped by?  Do you see yourself as someone you aren’t but know you can be that person?  Have you ever wanted to change jobs but feel stumped when it comes to deciding to take the plunge?  This seems to be the case for many of us and a common problem that easily solved by working with the right coach.

For those that want to change careers or work on getting ahead in their current one, there is IdentifyU, the platform-based coaching portal that offers top tier coaches for less than you would expect.  In fact, for those that are looking for a coach, the first visit with one is absolutely free.

The company prides itself on matching coaches and members through their proprietary assessment process.  Once a member completes their assessment, the system ingests the data and matches the member with several coaches.  IdentifyU members have access to these coaches through the portal and can do everything in one convenient location.  Meetings are live on the portal and completely secure.

“The core strength of our business is helping our members get the best results possible,” said Parker Terlaak, IdentifyU’s CEO and Founder.  “Members are motivated and excited to take on life’s challenges.  Coaches find strength in our matching, connectivity, and scheduling process.  Both sides love our flexibility, as well as their ability to connect consistently with each other on a secure, protective platform.” 

For those that want to change careers or turbocharge their existing one, IdentifyU has coaches that are experts in career coaching.  They will listen and advise member on how to take the next steps in their career journey.  This could include the creation of a program designed for the member to invest in themselves by developing a stronger personal brand.  The “how to” portion will be different for everyone.   It might also include skill development, goal setting, opportunity, or mentor research, and more.

In today’s economy, changing jobs or careers can be even more stressful.  There are certainly risks associated with making the decision and taking the first step, but as a very wise person once said, “they can’t say yes if you don’t ask.”  In other words, by saying ‘yes’ to new opportunities, members can change the trajectory of their career faster.  

The company is focusing on women right now because they are typically the biggest planners and collaborators in the household. They are busier, more stressed, and internalize the anxiety associated with career change more deeply.  Setting time for themselves tends to be last on their priority list.  That makes coaching even more important for them.

“Our sweet spot for members is currently women who, because of their families, or jobs, put themselves last.  In other words, they want to have time for self-care, but don’t know how to make it a priority,” notes Terlaak.    
On the company’s website, www.identifyu.com, you can find everything from the types of coaching available to the assessment tool itself.  Since the first visit with a coach is covered by the company, why not take the time to proactively invest in yourself instead of waiting around and finding that your dream job may have passed you by?  It’s a perfect New Year’s resolution that you can start keeping today.

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